How to make drainage on the site

How to make drainage on the site

The excess of moisture on the seasonal dacha is capable to create big problems for its owners up to buckling and bogging of the soil. Therefore if the earth is located rather low both flood and rain waters badly leave in the natural way, it is necessary to make drainage on the site.


1. The easiest and available way to create the qualitative system of drainage is to address to specialized firm. However if the site small has also no serious problems with underground waters, the by forces is better to manage. It will allow to save considerably costs of creation of drainage system.

2. Drainage of the seasonal dacha it is possible to make with own hands both opened, and closed. In the first case it is possible just to be limited to network of the drainage ditches dewatering from the site to drain shafts, and in the second it is necessary to lay in the earth of pipe at depth about a meter.

3. The majority of compact these sites does not require the full-fledged system of storm and soil drains with deepening of pipes far to the soil at all. The summer drainage system which is capable to dewater from the rooftop suffices and to quickly drain the earth after spring thawing of snow.

4. It is rather simple to make open drainage for these purposes: it is necessary to define natural slope of the site and to dig through network of the ditches dewatering from places of its greatest congestion. It is desirable to fill up bottom of ditches with beaten brick, and to cover ditches with the turf. It is the most economic and simple option. Unfortunately, it is very short-lived, and ditches constantly require care and cleaning.

5. More reliable is the drainage system from the plastic pipes deepened on 30-50 cm to the earth complemented with storm water inlets and trays for collecting moisture from surface. Such type of drainage demands the obligatory device of drain shafts which are used not only as water stores, but also for clearing of pipes and observation of condition of all drainage system.

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