How to make dump for snow cleaning

How to make dump for snow cleaning

Many motorists face problem of clearing of snow blockages in the winter: sometimes it is necessary to clear away the parking, and at times and entrance to own garage, and that who lives in rural zone or in the country, in general it is necessary to force the way through literally of this word. Of course, shovel to clear away snow very long and tiresomely, but there is exit – you can make for the machine dump for snow cleaning, and this problem will be solved for you once and for all.

  • - paper
  • - pencil
  • - tape measure
  • - steel pipes 40x40 or 40x20
  • - 2 sheets of iron not less than 4 mm thick
  • - welding machine
  • - metal-cutting tool
  • - screws, bolts
  • - dense rubber
  • - brackets
  • - corners
  • - shock-absorber
  • - drill

1. Before getting to work, draw the drawing of dump which you would like to make. Pick up the suitable sizes of the device, for this purpose make measurements of dimensions of front part of your car or tractor (looking for what purpose you make dump).

2. By your sizes calculate length of pipes which will be necessary for you for framework. Cut off necessary pieces and weld from them dump framework (as material you can also use pipes (for example, 40х40)).

3. Then weld sheets of iron not less than 4 mm thick on framework. Material of smaller thickness can not cope with large amount of snow – the dump will be bent, and the purpose for the sake of which you constructed it will not be reached.

4. From below attach to dump screws dense elastic bands to minimize possible dents and breakages. Now it is necessary to make fixture to the car: for this purpose attach corners bolts to towing eyes.

5. From above attach dump the special bracket screwed on bumper. In it there have to be openings to which the top head of the shock-absorber fastens. This part is responsible for the provision of dump on height. So, if you run into hummock, the shock-absorber will contract and the dump will rise, and when cleaning snow of rigidity of the shock-absorber has to be enough to record dump in the lower situation.

6. On bracket of the shock-absorber make 3 couples of openings for regulation of the lower provision of dump.

7. If you make dump arrow-shaped or concave, but not to straight lines, the probability that when clearing your dump itself will get stuck in snow, will be much lower.

8. That your dump maintained heavy loads, make framework stronger, too use the sheet of iron whenever possible bigger thickness.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team