How to make easter hare of napkin

How to make easter hare of napkin

Who does not love Easter? The spring in itself, with the first rays of the sun and warm weather, already creates good mood. And to please with that who likes to decorate the house the relatives, - Easter excellent occasion for this purpose. I would like to show you today as it is possible to put decorative napkins in the form of easter hare. It is not difficult at all. Try, and you nevermore want to refuse the idea to decorate holiday table.

  • - Square napkins from flax (the more floridly, the better).
  • - Decorative tape.

1. Put napkin in half.

2. Put once again in half to the middle. The narrow rectangle will turn out.

3. Bend napkin at an angle down, so that on the right side the triangle was formed.

4. Do the same manipulation with the left side that both parts from the middle were located.

5. Unbend the right part of napkin to the center up, thus, the triangle top is formed on the right.

6. Bend inside to the center top of the formed triangle.

7. We make the same with the left part.

8. Unbend the lower top from yourself, back. Thus the tail of hare turns out. You can emphasize it in addition with pompon or cotton wool.

9. Now we turn both external ends inside. Take the right end and unbend it to the left. At the same time make the same with the left side which develops to the right. Enclose them, thus in the pockets formed from the previous folds to record napkin. At you 2 hare ears have turned out now. We bend napkin.

10. From above to tie up ears tape for bigger stability. It is possible to put also other easter napkins, using various fabrics and accessories.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team