How to make electric fireplace

How to make electric fireplace

Once fireplaces were integral part of comfortable housing - with their help heated rooms. Today, as a rule, fireplaces have not a direct bearing on heating any more. But that cosiness and the special atmosphere which is created by fireplace still attract people. Along with traditional fireplaces, have appeared more modern and convenient recently - electric fireplaces. For their operation it is not necessary to build flues and to buy combustible materials. And it is quite possible to make their with own hands.

It is required to you

  • - portal for fireplace,
  • - sheets of gypsum cardboard,
  • - foam mortar,
  • - plaster putty,
  • - acrylic paint,
  • - galvanized profile,
  • - self-tapping screws and nails,
  • - chisel,
  • - drill,
  • - glue,
  • - rubber palette,
  • - primer,
  • - plaster fiber glass grid,
  • - brush,
  • - abrasive paper


1. Make framework of galvanized profiles. It is possible to connect profiles by means of screws self-tapping screws or rivets.

2. Revet framework with sheets of gypsum cardboard. Gypsum cardboard fastens to framework by means of self-tapping screws. It is recommended to take sheets 12 mm thick.

3. Turn decorative elements of fireplace from cellular foam concrete, using nail and chisel.

4. Attach parts from foam concrete to facing of fireplace by means of screws self-tapping screws. For this purpose make deepening in part, using drill with diameter of 8 mm. Then, using drill with diameter of 4 mm, drill opening through. Grease connection with glue and fasten self-tapping screws. Foam concrete is light material. But it is necessary for bigger reliability of fastening that screws have entered metal framework. Remove surplus of glue the rubber palette.

5. Ground all visible parts of future fireplace by means of contact primer.

6. Carefully process putty all corners, heads of self-tapping screws, joints and field welds. On corners and joints of the body, by means of the same putty, attach plaster grid.

7. Dissolve finishing putty, having added a little emulsion of PVA and cement to water. Cement is added at the rate of 1:10, PVA - 0.5 glasses on mix bucket.

8. Apply the received mix on parts from foam concrete so that sinks have been completely closed. It is recommended to apply putty rubber with spatula and brush. After drying of the first layer of putty it is necessary to put the second layer.

9. Let's putty dry out and grind it at first large, and then small abrasive paper.

10. Ground surface soil of deep impregnation and paint acrylic paint.

11. Mount electric part of your fireplace, being guided by the instruction attached to it. Connection of fireplace is recommended to be carried out by separate line since the fireplace is the powerful electric device. At connection it is necessary to use copper multicore wire with double isolation, with a section of 4 mm2. The wire in the body of fireplace needs to be laid in metal corrugated sleeve.

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