How to make electrode boiler with own hands

How to make electrode boiler with own hands

The electrode boiler is rather effective and reliable device for heating of owner-occupied dwelling. Heating of the heat carrier in it is carried out under the influence of electric current. If desired and availability of some skills it can be made the hands.

Principle of operation of the electrode boiler

The basis of work of system is formed by interaction of electric current with the water containing small amount of ions of salt. Supply of electricity is made on the electrodes brought to tank with liquid. To start physical reaction tension in 50 Hz is required. The movement of the charged particles arising at the same time releases large amount of heat which heats the heat carrier.

Unlike devices for heating of other type the electrode boilers demand much less electric power. Economy at their use can reach 40%. At the same time there is practically no danger of short circuit in network as the boiler has self-contained power supply. The device, small by the size, successfully fits into any space, providing year-round heating of inhabited and non-residential premises.

Advantages and shortcomings of electrode boilers

It should be noted rather large number of advantages of the device of electrode type. Treat them:

  • possibility of remote control of operation of the equipment;
  • lack of noise;
  • completely independent operation;
  • high environmental friendliness;
  • small dimensions;
  • ease in installation;
  • work with the hot water supply and heating.

Nevertheless, this equipment has also some minuses:

  • the unstable and demanding constant control power supply;
  • need for the power supply network with sufficient big power;
  • increased requirements to safety of service;
  • need of availability of knowledge in the field of power and welding.

Device manufacturing techniques

Besides confidence in the forces and availability of the corresponding working skills it will be necessary for production of electrode boiler for you:

  • welding machine;
  • terminals for zero and grounding;
  • electrode and terminal insulators;
  • set of electrodes;
  • iron T-coupler;
  • steel pipe necessary gabaritv;

At first it is worth taking care of grounding. The copper wire with a diameter from 0.4 mm and with a resilience up to 4 Ohms is for this purpose applied. It is brought to the terminal of zero tension placed usually in the lower part of tank of heating boiler. The zero conductor given on external pipe has to be carried out from the socket that the phase moved only on electrode. As soon as everything is ready, it is possible to start directly production of the device.

Take steel pipe about 25 cm thick and with a diameter about 10 centimeters, place in it since one end one or several electrodes, using in advance prepared T-coupler. Via this T-coupler the heat carrier will come further to the equipment and to leave back. The coupling necessary for connection of heating pipes is attached to the second pipe end.

The following that needs to be made - to install the insulator and between the T-coupler and electrodes. This component is intended for ensuring tightness of the device, and as it it is the best of all to take heat-resistant plastic. Connection of electrode with the T-coupler and ensuring its optimum tightness – thin and difficult process which is better for charging to the master knowing all constructional dimensions of product.

Further it will be necessary to weld metal bolt for fastening of the zero terminal and grounding on the body of the device. For reliability of connection it is the best of all to weld two bolts at once. At will the received design can be covered with insulating material which will also perform decorative function. During the work with electroconductive materials and products it is necessary to use protective gloves and to observe other safety precautions.

Installation of electrode boiler

At installation in the house of electrode boiler it is important to take care of implementation of certain requirements. In particular, establish indoors automatic otvodchik of air, and on the equipment - the safety valve and the manometer. The expansion tank has to be without fail equipped with shutoff valves.

The electrode boiler needs to be installed strictly in vertical position. At the same time the design has to provide independent fixture to wall surface. Boiler position of joints with the pipeline have to be metal and not have galvanization. Other sites of water can be any, for example, too metal or plastic.

Before installation it is also necessary to wash out previously heating system, having used the special means specified in technical data sheet. Remember that low-quality cleaning of system and also use of the low-quality heat carrier lead to significant decrease in overall performance of the heating equipment or even its exit out of operation. The quality of water in water and heating supplies is not of particular importance as the closed system resistant to corrosion emergence the Installed boiler is created will be able to provide heating of the heat carrier to 120 degrees.

Choice of radiator of heating

Work of heating appliances is influenced in many respects by quality and type of the applied heating radiators. Also the volume and power of all heating system depends on them. Ideally to each kilowatt of power of the equipment there have to correspond eight liters of the heat carrier. In case of excess of this volume the boiler operating time for which necessary heating is reached increases, and it leads to increase in costs of the electric power.

It is recommended to use the radiators made of bimetal or aluminum. All other materials include many third-party impurity which negatively affect electric conductance of the heat carrier. At installation of system of open type the radiators have to be covered from within with special polymeric structure as at contact with air the risk of formation of corrosion increases. The closed systems of similar shortcoming have no. At all application of pig-iron radiators as they differ not in really good heat conduction that will only worsen overall performance of boiler and also hi to increase in consumption of power is not allowed (at the expense of large volumes of these radiators).

How to use the electric boiler

At first in the installed tank of the heater liquid as which normal flowing water is used moves. After energy supply and in a few minutes continuous operation of the pump water will begin to start to boil. At the same time steam rising up the pipeline is formed, distributing heat on all heating system, and again turning into normal liquid. The formed water will back come to tank, and this cycle will be repeated while the pump is in working order.

Temperature monitoring and pressure in the pump is carried out by means of the relay which can be bought separately and to add with it system. From this it follows that the equipment it is necessary to have in places with free access and also optimum conditions for functioning of the equipment, for example, in the basement. At the expense of insignificant dimensions the search of suitable space will not make special work.

If desired to warm the room of large volumes or at once all house it is the best of all to install several boilers, placing them as it is possible closer to the main knots of heat supply. It will allow to maintain identical temperature in all system. Work becomes simpler due to lack of need for obtaining special permission to production and installation of similar devices.

So, the electrode boiler really is rather economic and highly effective equipment creating heat energy in necessary volume. Anyway, it is necessary to remember that besides its installation it is important to observe all technologies of energy saving in inhabited and non-residential premises of owner-occupied dwelling. It is, first of all, about mounting of heat insulation and vent system due to which the most comfortable microclimate will be created.

In the absence of opportunity to independently manufacture the electric boiler it is possible to pay attention to the equipment of other type, for example, gas or induction heaters. Their production can be carried out without use of welding equipment and minimizes work with power networks. Besides, the help with assembly and installation of boilers of various device and functionality is rendered by the specialized companies with experienced employees.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team