How to make equal arrows

How to make equal arrows

extended tip of eyeliner can work positive miracles: your look will look fascinating and attractively. Such make-up gives to look of riddle and certain slyness, however such effect can achieve only accurately having executed this trick! So, how to make in the eyes equal arrows?


  1. Begin with skin prdgotovka to eyeliner. For this purpose you should refuse fat and nutritious creams for century, and slightly to powder the light moisturizing gel, basis or foundation friable powder. However and here it is worth not to going too far - differently not to avoid effect of ispachkannost. Therefore powder should be shaded well clean fluffy brush.
  2. Arrows should be drawn before putting ink as well painted over cilia in case from it can interfere with equal drawing eyeliner.
  3. Very important that's right! select pencil or liquid eyeliner liner. In the first case you can also achieve the flat and bright line, however only in case you choose qualitative pencil. Upon purchase draw several lines tester: the pencil should not break, crumble. Then try to shade the line, it should not be greased and spread - soft pencils perfectly will be suitable for effect smoki-ayz, but for creation of ideal arrows after all it is better to choose rather rigid.
  4. As for liquid eyeliners then a lot of things depend on brush applicator: beginners should give preferences to rather elastic brushes from plastic as use of ordinary fluffy applicators demands certain skill and experience. Means should not spread on hardly noticeable wrinkles on skin.
  5. So, now we will start directly eyeliner. The line should be drawn as much as possible close to the line of eyelashes, slightly thickening it in the middle and doing absolutely thin is closer in the end where the tail directed up will flaunt slightly extended and kind of. That the line has turned out accurate and equal, skin should be pulled absolutely slightly.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team