How to make extract of cellar

How to make extract of cellar

To grow up good harvest on personal plot – business labor-consuming, demanding knowledge and experience. And the more so it is offensive if your works come to nothing because of the wrong storage of products. Most often for this purpose construct cellar - the room, in which irrespective of external conditions the constant microclimate is supported, allowing vegetables, fruit, pickles and so forth the long time to remain fresh and not to spoil.

It is required to you

  • - 2 pipes;
  • - 2 latches;
  • - fan;
  • - insulating material.


1. There is a lot of ways of construction of cellar. It can be the certain building combined with garage or the house, but requirements to it are uniform. The cellar has to have good thermal insulation, reliable waterproofing, effective ventilation. Ventilation can be natural or compulsory. Anyway for its construction you will need pipes or wooden ventilating box, latches, the fan, material for isolation of the pipes which are above overlapping of cellar.

2. As air ducts use asbestos-cement pipes, with a diameter of 70-110 mm or box, made of wooden boards 25-30 mm thick. Paint inside face of boards, and external cover with waterproofing layer. Prepare two pipes: one incoming, and other exhaust. Pipes arrange in cellar corners on diagonal against each other. At such placement it is possible to carry out uniform ventilation of cellar on all its volume.

3. Place the end of exhaust ventilation pipe under cellar ceiling. Remove other end outside above roof ridge. Establish on it from above hood for protection against rain and snow.

4. Establish pipe of the plenum ventilation so that its one end was at distance of 50-60 cm from cellar floor. Remove other pipe end outside and also protect hood.

5. For regulation of supply of external air and air which comes out cellar mount on latch pipes. To roof close part of pipe from ceiling thermal insulation material.

6. Check operability of system by means of paper tape. Bring thin strip of paper to opening of ventilation pipes. Its movement will point that air streams move, the ventilation system works.

7. The overall performance of extract of cellar can be increased, having installed the fan in exhaust pipe. Electricity consumption will be minimum, and advantage – big (make sure of it subsequently).

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team