How to make eyelashes volume

How to make eyelashes volume

eyelashes look beautifully. With them the look gets depth and expressiveness. But, unfortunately, the nature not of all has awarded with fluffy dense eyelashes. You should not be upset too strongly about it, everything is reparable. It is possible to make eyelashes volume in several ways.


  1. To make eyelashes volume, use small cunnings when imposing make-up. Surely use planimetric pencil or liquid eyeliner. You carry out contour closer to the natural line of growth of eyelashes – it will give visual effect of more dense eyelashes. Instead of planimetric pencil it is possible to use shadows.
  2. Put the dark line on internal century – it will give bigger volume to eyelashes and will make look deeper. Do not use usual planimetric pencils, be convinced that on the body of pencil there is inscription kayat (Khol, Kajal) – it contains the antiseptic components which are not irritating the gentle skin of internal century.
  3. Use mascara with various effects. Ink can be with effect of volume or double effect: volume and lengthening. But at the same time be not fond. The thick layer of the showered ink painted nobody yet. Divide cilia special hairbrush. If such is not present, can use usual toothpick. You watch that on eyelashes there was no lump left and clots.
  4. For more expressed effect of volume use false eyelashes. Paste them strip or small bunches as it is possible closer to the natural line of growth of eyelashes, carefully mask the line of gluing by means of liquid eyeliner or pencil. Be not greedy: if cilia too long, cut them. Do not paste bunches too closely to each other. The theatrical image or doll eyelashes not always look appropriate in real life.
  5. If you do not want to paste eyelashes every morning and to remove them every evening, increase eyelashes. Address to salon or call the master on the house. The increased cilia soft and silky, they look more naturally, than consignment notes but to carry them too it is necessary to get used. If you feel that the irritation of eyes does not pass, do not suffer, remove them. From time to time you carry out correction of the increased eyelashes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team