How to make eyelets on curtains

How to make eyelets on curtains

Curtains on eyelets will perfectly fit into any interior and if eyelets also unusual form or color, then bring in it additional accent. Eyelets on curtains will establish to you in any sewing workshop, but if desired it is possible to make it and in house conditions.

It is required to you

  • Curtains, eyelets, special lyuversny tape (ready strip of thermoglue material) suitable on color of thread, pencil, centimetric tape, punch (special devices for cutting of openings for eyelets) or hammer, small sharp scissors, iron


1. Pick up suitable eyelets in shops or departments of goods for needlework. Eyelets can be metal or plastic, round or figured, with different diameter of internal opening. Choose eyelets with diameter of bore more than diameter of bar of eaves approximately on one and a half centimeters that the curtain easily moved on it.

2. Perform necessary measurements. When calculating of the required quantity of eyelets consider that their number on curtain has to be even, then both side edges of curtain will be directed towards window, but not towards the room. That curtain folds beautifully fell, the distance between centers of eyelets has to make from 15 to 22 cm. Folds will turn out that larger, than it is more than a distance between eyelets. From edge of curtain sideways to the first eyelet the distance in 5-7 cm will be optimum.

3. Eyelets are established on completely ready curtain therefore in advance process all edges. The curtain top from light fabric can be strengthened lyuversny tape from reverse. At the upper edge on inner side iron podgib, on width the exceeding diameter of eyelets twice.

4. Mark arrangement of eyelets. The curtain needs to be ironed and spread out on plain surface. On reverse of the top podgib at distance of 2.5 cm from edge make marking strokes. Between them note the center of height of podgib. Divide the remained space into identical parts and make marking the same way.

5. Cut through openings for eyelets. From reverse of curtain put the punch on the first mark and strike with the hammer 2-3 times. It is possible to use normal sharp scissors. In this case it is necessary to circle in addition eyelets on inside diameter in places of marking. You should not do big openings, otherwise the eyelet will not keep. Try that the edge of opening was not showered.

6. The eyelet consists of two parts – forms (flat part) and the press (convex part). Exactly impose eyelet halves on both sides of curtain, then press before characteristic click. At installation of plastic eyelets the special equipment will not be required – they easily are established manually. Besides, they can be removed for the period of washing, and then to put back.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team