How to make eyes it is more

How to make eyes it is more

-up – easy way to increase eyes. Cunnings of this method should be known not only to girls whose eyes seem disproportionately small in comparison with the person, but also to short-sighted ladies who wear glasses as dioptries can reduce considerably your eyes visually.


It is worth beginning with shadows. Cause under them special base – so they will keep much longer. Start imposing of the main tone. It has to be light and it is desirable opaque (though for evening make-up nacreous components are admissible), it is ideal – beige natural shades.

Further apply shadows by means of soft brush on all eyelid to eyebrows and carefully shade them. Then take shadows of more dark shade to make eyes a little more deeply: for this purpose add the line on contour of eyelashes and also allocate fold of upper eyelid and external corner of eye. By means of brush of the bigger size carefully shade borders of two shadows.

The eyeliner is used

The eyeliner and shooters is remarkable way to visually increase eyes. For a start draw line on upper eyelid along growth of eyelashes, slightly extending eye to temples. By the end of outer side of eye the line can be raised slightly. Now make up also lower eyelid. Strictly through growth of eyelashes (without mentioning mucous at all – it will result in opposite effect), draw the accurate, not extra fatty and easy line.

In order that the line has turned out accurate, equal and not fat, the pencil should be inclined so that the slate pencil was almost perpendicular to the line of growth of eyelashes.

Connect lines of upper and lower eyeliner at temple – absolutely small point of not painted over skin has to turn out there. Now arm with light nacreous pencil and paint over this point, and then carry out by the same pencil on mucous lower eyelid. This simple reception gives to eyes shine, expressiveness and also considerably increases them. In addition, it is possible to allocate with nacreous pencil internal corner of eye and also space under eyebrow – these receptions will make eyes more, and look – is fresher. Plus to everything, is good way of fight against signs of fatigue.

On space of internal corner of eye and under eyebrow instead of nacreous pencil it is possible to use highlighter.

Ink - the last, but very important stroke!

Ink needs to be chosen volume, but with the most natural effect. You do not hurry with putting ink, carefully paint over each eyelash, and if necessary walk special hairbrush with rare cloves. Attention: visually to increase eyes, you should not forget about the lower eyelashes, paint over also them. If your eyelashes direct, and you want more effective visual volume, then it is worth thinking of slightly to twist them by means of special adaptation or to use ink with effect of podkruchivaniye. Place emphasis not only on eyelashes at external corner, but also on eyelashes in the middle of eye.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team