How to make false-fireplace with own hands

How to make false-fireplace with own hands

The beautiful fireplace will make housing cozy and stylish. However not each house is supplied with chimney pipes so to organize sit-round gathering at live fire it will not turn out. There is a solution – the room will decorate original false-fireplace which it is quite possible to make with own hands.

False fireplaces: what they happen

Decorative fireplaces – excellent addition of any interior. Depending on the size, form and material they without problems fit into the room issued in classical, expressly modern, eco-friendly or eclectic style. Artificial fireplace it is possible to arrange in any corner of the apartment: in the living room, the bedroom, the hall, office, library or the wide kitchen. The center should be made also at the dacha, it to add charm to country lodge.

The simplest option is to buy small electrofireplace artificial fire and to place it in niche or on podium. However many owners of apartments dream of more interesting option and do home independently, of improvised materials.

Among the most popular materials for production of the artificial centers:

  • natural or decorative brick;
  • foam concrete;
  • imitation of stone;
  • polyurethane;
  • gypsum cardboard;
  • wood-shaving plate.

The house fireplace will perfectly fit into any interior. At the dacha or in the apartment issued in style the loft perfectly the center which is laid out by red brick looks. If the design of the room is sustained in classic style, the fireplace from polyurethane moldings in which fire chamber the mirror and numerous candles is established will approach. The room in reserved Scandinavian style demands simple fireplace from foam concrete, chipboard or the gypsum cardboard covered with decorative plaster. The grandiose interior will add the fireplace which is laid out by stone or decorated with shod grid.

The choice of model depends on the room sizes. In the spacious living room, the hall or library the fireplace of the big or average size looks better. Nearby it is possible to mount regiments, having harmoniously entered the center in interior. In the bedroom it is worth establishing the small angular fireplace which is laid out by beautiful glossy or opaque tile.

Production of decorative fireplace the hands

The master with small construction skills can make the beautiful and practical artificial center of gypsum cardboard. It can have various size and the form, for finishing any materials, from polyurethane to tile are used.

All necessary for work can be got in construction supermarket. It is necessary to include in the shopping list:

  • sheets of gypsum cardboard of the necessary size; 
  • the rack-mount and directing profiles;
  • self-tapping screws;
  • dowel nails;
  • primer and hard putty;
  • screw driver;
  • screw-driver;
  • wallpaper knife or electric fret saw;
  • scissors for work on metal;
  • electric drill;
  • tape measure.

Before work it is necessary to draw the sketch, having precisely specified the sizes of future fireplace.

Creation of fireplace begins with marking on walls and floor for installation of profiles. Then metal guides keep within on the places intended for them, the electric drill drills openings into which dowels are inserted. Racks are inserted into guides and fastened with self-tapping screws.

That the fireplace was steady, it is necessary to check curvature of walls by means of level. If roughnesses are found, for fixing of guides it is necessary to use direct suspension.

After the main framework is built, the portal under fire chamber is mounted. For bigger stability the vertical and horizontal metal designs are supplied with additional crossing points. If figured registration of furnace aperture is conceived, the assembly profile can be bent, previously having cut through stiffening fins.

There comes the final stage – false-fireplace framework covering plasterboard. Sheets are marked and cut taking into account in advance made measurements. To cut gypsum cardboard conveniently electric fret saw or normal wallpaper knife. At first the cardboard layer on the one hand is made an incision, then the plate cracks and the cardboard layer on the other hand is cut. The cut-out sheets fasten to framework self-tapping screws. They are twisted so that hats were drowned and did not tower over smooth surface. It is important not to work with the screw-driver too actively, fragile gypsum cardboard can crack.

Further actions depend on how it is going to issue fireplace. It is the simplest to paint it in the pleasant color or to cover with decorative plaster. It is previously necessary to putty carefully all seams and joints, to dry surface and to process it fine-grained abrasive paper.

Very effectively the center decorated by ceramic tile, artificial stone or the facilitated brick looks. Finishing components fix on special glue or liquid nails. That tiles laid down exactly, between ranks strengthen plastic crosses. Decorative pads on tiles or plaster fragments which fasten on liquid nails will become additional ornament.

It is very important to enter fireplace in interior correctly. Over the top panel it is possible to strengthen the shelf which will become support for hours or candelabrums. On shelf it is possible to place photos within or favourite knickknacks. Over fake fireplace it is worth hanging up beautiful mirror or picture. Over the small center in expressly modern style it is possible to place the TV, the flat plasma panel will look very organically.

Practical fireplace from chipboard or plywood

The artificial fireplace can be made also of wood-shaving plates. The laminated plates or strong plywood will approach. The product turns out easy and mobile, it can be decorated any materials, from plastic and glass to decorative stone. At first the drawing with the indication of the exact sizes is made. From chipboard the electric fret saw cuts parts: sides, top shelf, basis, fire chamber fragments.

The basis is laid on the floor, on it side parts are established and are fastened with self-tapping screws. After that the fire chamber aperture is made out. It is not necessary to fix fireplace to floor, the mobile design can be moved to any part of the house. Stationary products from chipboard can have any sizes, but it is better to make the mobile center small. If the fireplace is high and massive, it should be attached in addition to wall in order to avoid accidental falling.

The easy and laconic fireplace needs facing. It is the simplest to trim it with plastic bricks. They fasten on any glue or liquid nails. After registration on fireplace the wide top shelf keeps within and fastens self-tapping screws. The shelf and the basis can be not decorated, imitation of tree is perfectly combined with artificial white stone. If for work plywood was used, it is painted in any pleasant color. The shade is selected depending on interior.

Brick center: brutally and solidly

The people having skills of construction jobs can lay out the center from red or white brick. Such product looks really solidly and does not need additional finishing. The fireplace should not be too high and bulky, the compact sizes will help to avoid excessive load of floor.

Will be necessary for work:

  • facing bricks;
  • dry cement mix;
  • the construction mixer or drill with special nozzle;
  • steel strips;
  • armoring lattice.

The room fireplace is spread in half or quarter of brick. The small center requires no more than 50 bricks. Through each 3-4 rows the armoring lattice giving to design additional durability keeps within. Level can be necessary for alignment of the sizes. It is not necessary to decorate construction, the wide shelf from natural wood strengthened over fireplace will become the best ornament.

If the center is laid out from construction bricks, it can be plastered or covered with tile. The portal of fireplace can be made of plywood, tree or dense cardboard.

Economy option: false-fireplace from polyurethane

Polyurethane moldings and panels usually use for finishing ready products from chipboard, plywood, gypsum cardboard. However it is possible to simplify task, having just pasted designs to wall. The basis from the laminated plate or chipboard on which liquid nails side parts and the central part fasten is necessary. In it the opening for fire chamber is cut out in advance. The final stage – fastening of upper part which is pasted to wall. The pseudo-fireplace from polyurethane should not be too deep.

It is possible to leave construction white or to paint water-soluble paint. Quiet pastel or deep dark shades are preferable. Inside candles are established. The polyurethane decor can become effective registration for simple electric or biofireplace which not only decorates the room, but also provides comfortable temperature.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team