How to make fence of chain-link grid: methods of installation and calculation

How to make fence of chain-link grid: methods of installation and calculation

How to make fence of grid chain-link, both summer residents, and owners of country houses think. And it does not surprise, material not only rather strong, but also universal in respect of design – it it is possible to paint, create on it ornaments, to use as support for green hedge.

The fence from grid chain-link is unique way to designate site borders with the minimum financial expenses, the hands, without involvement of experts whose services are rather expensive. Besides, material is universal – from it easy to create temporary fence, to separate one zone of the yard from another, to make the animals enclosure. Such fence simply is put up, calculation of amount of material does not demand availability of special knowledge or skills. And one more indisputable advantage of grid chain-link as material for fence, is that it does not create the deaf surface limiting the overview and access of sunlight to the site.

What is Rabitz netting

The chain-link is rolled mesh material from metal. It has been invented and patented in 1864 in Germany, also its first production has been arranged in the same place. Initially such grid was used for strengthening of plaster coat at construction, but was widely used more soon. Now do fences of chain-link, strengthen it mine constructions, use for filtration of loose construction masses, reinforce it the warming layers of heating mains and concrete floors, build of it open-air cages. Already there are several types of grid chain-link:

  • simple metal,
  • strengthened zinced,
  • zinced with covering from polymers.

For construction of fences the experts recommend to use galvanized chain-link with covering or without it. The fact is that the simple, not processed grid will spoil at contact with the environment, and will not serve as protection long.

The galvanized chain-link is not exposed to corrosion, maintains sharp temperature differences, it can be painted, but only in the decorative purposes, but not for increase in durability, that is – it is not necessary to do it regularly.

Rabitz netting with polymeric covering is made of low-carbon steel that many times increases its durability and durability. This type of material is widely applied not only as protections, but also in the industry – at laying of buildings, construction of bases of thoroughfares and in other areas of production.

How to calculate quantity of grid chain-link for fence

This material for creation of protections is plain not only in work, but also in respect of calculation of necessary quantity. It is issued in rolls, as a rule, on 10 m. Height of roll (grid) happens from 1.5 to 2 meters. Experts recommend to buy at once grid of necessary height that it was not necessary to spend time and forces on its cutting and to overpay for surplus.

Calculation of the metric area of grid chain-link, necessary for fence, is simple – if it is necessary to establish protection of 30 m, it is necessary to buy 3 rolls of material. That is, it is necessary just to measure metric area on perimeter of the site which will be fenced.

Except the chain-link, materials will be necessary for creation of support for fence. They can be metal, asbestos-cement, concrete, wooden and even laid out brick. The recommended run length between columns – from 2 to 2.5 m. For fastening of grid on columns metal hooks are used – on 3 from each party of support.

How to choose support for fence from chain-link

Both utilization properties of protection, and its durability directly depend on quality of support for fence and their compliance to features of soil in which they will be established. Chain-link it is possible to fix on support from

  • tree,
  • concrete,
  • asbestos cement,

All support have the features and rules of installation in soil. For example, concrete have a number of advantages before analogs from other materials – they do not need to be protected from moisture and rotting, corrosion, to paint. But they heavy, and for their delivery to the place of works it will be necessary to use special transport.

Wooden support are short-lived, and they will need to be changed in 5-7 years, depending on type of wood and soil dampness. But they are available in respect of the price, them it is simple to establish, fix on them protection material.

The strongest support for chain-link – metal. Experts recommend to use pipes with section to 60 mm, and their length has to be more than width of grid on 0.5-1 m that it is the strongest to fix columns in soil.

Asbestos-cement pipes are used seldom as columns for fence from chain-link. From their advantages it is possible to note that they do not decay and do not rust, are easy in respect of transportation and installation. However they have also minuses – fragility, instability to mechanical influence (blows), need of concreting of the basis at installation.

Preparation for installation of fence from chain-link

Installation of fence from grid chain-link does not demand availability of special knowledge and skills. It is qualitatively possible to perform all works the hands if to observe technology of mounting and to perform stages in the correct sequence:

  • preparation and division of land,
  • installation of support (columns),
  • fastening of grid,
  • decorative works (if they are necessary).

Preparation consists in installation of control columns on corners of the site which will be fenced with fence from grid, and laying of marking – columns connect bright thread. The second stage of marking – position finding of columns support. In places of their installation, pegs are stuck, and holes of sufficient depth are already dug out then.

Support need to be fixed as it is possible stronger. Depth of holes has to be more than the level of freezing of the soil. Experts recommend to concrete the basis of support that they were not displaced, and the protection was not shaken.

Further mounting of the grid chain-link is carried out. It fastens on support bases special hooks, screws or nails if as support wooden columns are used. Decorative (finishing) works – cleaning of site from construction waste and waste, painting of protection if it is demanded by features of parent material and material of support.

Section fence from chain-link – features and advantages

If there are skills of performance of welding, it is possible to make section fence of chain-link the hands. It will cause a stir from normal protection from this material in the fact that the grid stretches on the sections welded from metal corners.

Experts recommend to use corner of 40*50 mm for production of frame section. Calculation of the size of section is carried out thus – its height less elevated part of support on 10 cm, and width – is less than width of flight between support on 15 cm. Armature pieces which are welded on frame from its inside are applied to fixing of grid chain-link on section.

The section fence from grid of chain-link is more heavy construction, and it is recommended to fix it on strong support from metal. It is very important to watch that the top level of protection represented the uniform line, without differences.

If to tell about esthetic qualities of section fence, then they 10 times more, than at simple protections from grid chain-link. Frames and the mesh planes, columns can be painted in different shades, to create original drawings. Besides, such type of protection will easily sustain loading of green hedge from climbers.

Fence from chain-link with extensions

The protection from chain-link on extensions – cheaper option, than section and is simpler to mount it, but in respect of durability it does not concede to section fence. Its main difference – use of strong wire for fastening of the top and lower level of grid, installation of extensions pipes on the diagonal of flights between columns. The technology of creation of protection has several differences:

  • planning of fence and installation of support,
  • fixing of extensions in flights,
  • mounting of grid chain-link on support,
  • fixing of protection on extensions.

Extensions from strong wire or pipes perform functions prozhilin, raise structural strength. They can fasten to support in various ways, depending on of what material columns are made. Moreover, they can be not only iron, but also concrete, wooden.

To increase fence durability from chain-link on extensions, it is possible to establish not two lines prozhilin, but three – additional is established in the middle of grid. But in this case decorative finishing that esthetic characteristics have not suffered because of availability of additional element in design will be required.

When mounting grid on extensions it is important to trace degree of its tension – it should not sag, its edges have to be strongly recorded on prozhilinakh-extensions. Designers recommend to use as extensions-prozhilin metal wire with the section identical to grid wire section.

The strengthened fence from grid chain-link

One more way to strengthen fence from grid chain-link, to make it stronger – logs. It is applicable only in case as support columns from concrete, brick or metal are used. Wooden or asbestos-cement support just will not sustain such loading – weight iron log and the metal gauze.

In quality log not only hollow square "bars" from metal, but also the thick wire of rope type or thick armature intended, for example, for fixing of the bases of massive structures of industrial type can be used.

Whatever has been chosen fence type from grid chain-link, it will cost much cheaper analogs. But such protections only will suit those who are ready that its yard will be visible to all passing or passing. Experts recommend to consider this psychological moment first of all, choosing material type for fence for the seasonal dacha or country house. And here as way of zoning of the site the chain-link will become ideal material – inexpensive and simple in work.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team