How to make floor with hot-water heating

How to make floor with hot-water heating

The heat-insulated floor with water contour serves as additional heating of premises when the general community heating services warm up houses and apartments insufficiently. Also floor with water heating is quite capable to replace completely other heating systems, having made life in the house during the cold period of year comfortable and cozy. The heat-insulated floor with water heating can be made in the house independently.

It is required to you

  • Planimetric water floors, cement, water, sand or ready solution of concrete, lighthouses for cement screed, ball valves (2 pieces on each room), waterproofing course, the foiled heater, the rule.


1. Choose the room in which floors with water heating will be established. If this room is in the apartment, check durability of overlappings of the house as at installation of heat-insulated floors there is heavy concrete tie.

2. Dismantle old floor covering, fill in the new cement screed leveling floor. Such tie will provide additional waterproofing of water floor.

3. Seal ball valves in strut with hot water if you by means of the general heating system are going to warm up the house, or establish ball valves on polypropylene pipe which will pump hot water in system via the boiler or the gas heater.

4. Spread waterproofing material on the dried cement floor. For these purposes it is possible to use Isoflex, Linokr. Solder seams of insulating material among themselves the construction iron. Then put the foiled heater (for reflection of heat) which joints should be glued with aluminum adhesive tape.

5. Lay hands heat-insulated water floor on the foiled heater "snail" or "snake" as it is specified in the instruction to the type of water floors chosen by you. Do not carry too far pipes when laying. Do not apply cheap types of water floors, for example, from polypropylene as they have low heat conductivity.

6. Establish lighthouses on all perimeter of the room where have spread floors. Fill in cement screed to lighthouses. To apartments on the first floors or in owner-occupied dwellings industrial ready concrete can be filled in through window with hose of the special car (concrete mixer). In other cases it is necessary to knead cement independently and to stack it on room perimeter parts, at the same time leveling floor the rule.

7. Instead of cement screed some owners fill in the system of hot-water heating with bulk floors which when drying provide equal glossy type of surface. Upon termination of works it is possible to make additional decorative floor coat of carpet, laminate, carpets, parquet.

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