How to make flue for fireplace

How to make flue for fireplace

Chimney flues make of metal, concrete or refractory brick. Conclusion through roof has to be carried out according to the rules of fire safety established Construction Norms and Regulations No. 41-01 for 2003. For gas or diesel fireplace flue it is possible to use ready one or double-circuit of metal alloy.

It is required to you

  • - clay;
  • - cement;
  • - asbestos;
  • - brick;
  • - collars.


1. Dispose flue most close to roof ridge – it will significantly reduce condensate congestion in the form of water vapors in cold season. Do not establish flue in close proximity to windows – it is forbidden by safety rules of use of heating appliances as can lead to hit of carbon monoxide in housing.

2. For removal of flue make box which you fill with non-combustible heat-insulating material after remove pipe.

3. If you spread brick flue, use the red burned fire-resistant material. Do laying with use of clay or cement slurry, beginning to remove flue right after end of laying of toplivnik.

4. Remove flue through roof in the marked place, isolate box and the place of conclusion non-combustible materials. Carefully record everything brackets. From above establish the fad that sparks did not take off on roof.

5. You need to establish and remove iron or concrete flue through roof. Pipes have to be integral, without joints. If you need to carry out docking, then it is possible to do it only above conclusion of ceiling. Pull together places of connections with collars and envelop asbestos.

6. If you have no opportunity to remove vertical flue, and it can happen if you are not going to break already established and roofed or live in the house to several floors, is admissible to make flue through wall, but the maximum inclination cannot be done more than in 60 degrees.

7. Isolate exit near wall non-combustible materials, for this purpose you also should make box and to fill it with the asbestos or any other material intended for isolation of flues of furnaces and fireplaces. It is admissible to impose pipe with brick in two ranks.

8. Ready flues are on sale completely isolated, their installation consists in direct mounting in toplivnik.

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