How to make folding bed

How to make folding bed

Folding bed – thing irreplaceable. But on normal folding bed it is not always convenient to have a rest. Therefore summer residents and tourists seek to improve standard construction. Vladimir Ishchenko has designed folding bed which can be used also as chair with armrests, roof and table.

It is required to you

  • Old folding bed, plywood, hacksaw, tarpaulin, drill, scissors, file, felt-tip pen, sand, wooden traffic jams, colourless lacquer, dural tubes, screws.


1. First of all make the drawing of folding bed according to the provided drawing and accurately designate the sizes necessary for you. Prepare those parts of old folding bed of which some parts of new will be made. So, the broken folding bed will present to your design back and front legs, leg regiment and also struts and pads. The armrest, the roof which is transformed to table and also back, combs, thrust bearings and fixture should be made.

2. Cut from 6-millimeter plywood preparation for roof table. Process edges file that they were not uneven. Then smooth out surface abrasive paper of the average size. Drill holes for fastening and cover preparation with several layers of colourless lacquer.

3. Now it is possible to start armrests and back. They are made of dural tubes. For armrests just cut off pieces of tubes of the necessary length. They will be straight lines. The back has to be curved in two places. Cut off the necessary site of tube. That the tube has not cracked, it should be corked since one end up, then to fill with sand and close the second stopper. Now it is possible to bend tube as it is necessary for you. Collect folding bed, having fastened parts with screws.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team