How to make form for slag stone

How to make form for slag stone

Slag stone – universal construction material of which it is possible to build the house and garage, bath and the warm shed. To make form for slag stone with own hands not so difficult, the special equipment for this purpose is not necessary. You choose material for form, normally it is metal or tree.

It is required to you

  • - boards 190 mm wide, 15 mm thick,
  • - tape measure,
  • - square,
  • - saw,
  • - chisel,
  • - metal 3 - 4 mm thick,
  • - oil paint.


1. Take planed boards 140 mm wide – such is height of standard slag stone. The board has to be carefully processed that its surface was smooth. You choose board length, it has to be multiple 140 mm is the width of the block, the form can include 3, 4 and more blocks. You should not do it more than 2 meters long – it is inconvenient to work with such long form.

2. From one board cut by means of cross-piece saw, their length has to be 300 mm. Connect extreme cross-pieces to longitudinal boards so that the rectangular framework has turned out. Surely observe right angles, exposing boards before their assembly on ideally plain surface by means of the square.

3. Cut out the sheet of metal 3-4 mm thick on plates of 140 by 300 mm in size. Except metal, also other strong sheet material, for example, textolite will approach. The main thing that it had smooth surface and was firm and resistant to moisture influence.

4. Take framework and from the inside of longitudinal boards make has spent on drink by means of hacksaw and chisel that cross grooves of 7-8 mm in depth have turned out. Width has spent on drink is defined by thickness of dividing plates.

5. Insert dividing plates into grooves of longitudinal boards. At you the framework in which cells represent form for slag stone of 140х140х300 mm in size has turned out. Cover all wooden and metal parts of form with oil paint – it will provide easy extraction of ready blocks from form. Establish form on ideally plain surface.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team