How to make foundation is lighter

How to make foundation is lighter

, that when choosing cosmetics you are mistaken in salons and cosmetic boutiques with color of cosmetic, its texture or firm. The reasons of such mistakes can be various: the wrong lighting in shop, use of test means not in that place (for example, on the palm back) or, is possible how at the true shopaholic, obsession of purchase directs you. If you had not suited color of foundation, do not despair, it is still possible to correct.

It is required to you

  • the moisturizing cream or face emulsion, foundation are 1-2 tones lighter, the leveling (white) basis


  1. It is known that foundations can be mixed. As well as in what proportions, depends on consistence of foundation. They happen several types: very dense (as a rule, lifting), average density and the transparent (matting) tone means. Therefore at first be defined to what you have bought foundation.
  2. If it is dense steady foundation, then mix it in proportion 1:2 with the clarifying tone base or the same foundation only is 1-2 tones lighter.
  3. If you have bought tone means of average density, then it is necessary to mix it in the same proportion, but already with the moisturizing cream or the leveling basis and provided that it is not really dense.
  4. If the masking means absolutely transparent or matting, then use when mixing only the moistening face emulsion in proportion 1:1.
  5. Now sponge or brush apply the prepared means to skin and with circular motions distribute on all person and neck. The shade will turn out light, and your skin will get natural shine, equal color and healthy gloss.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team