How to make fountain without pump

How to make fountain without pump

Arrangement of own house or giving - very interesting and fascinating occupation. Of course, it is possible to order unique design from the expert, but to decorate the dwelling most far more interestingly. For example, the fountain can decorate any room. But installation of deposit demands special improvements and pumps consume a lot of energy. How to make fountain without pump?

It is required to you

  • Three plastic vessels, tubes, sealant, tools, perekhodnichok, jewelry.


1. At first decide on the sizes of future fountain. You should not do it especially big. If you want to have very big fountain, then it is necessary to conceive about use of the pump as in this case its use is reasonable. It is the best of all to make the sketch of future fountain.

2. Now about the principle of work of your fountain. It is the best of all to use the principle of communicating vessels. It is passed at physics lessons. The essence is that if to arrange two vessels at different height and to connect them tube, then water will flow from top in lower. However best everything to upgrade this mechanism. For this purpose it is necessary to install two vessels at identical height, to connect them two tubes. To connect these tubes to T-shaped perekhodnichka. When in vessels there is water, it will flow down and to pour out through perekhodnichok. You it is necessary only to pour water into vessels from above and your fountainlet will work.

3. Find two vessels. Best of all from plastic. Vessels have to be identical each other. Take thin tubule. You remember, the tubule is thinner, the your fountainlet will longer flow. Tubules from kitchen filters will approach. Accurately drill openings in day of vessels. They have to be a little less than diameter of tube. After that insert tubes into these openings. Consider that they have to enter hardly. It is the best of all to process position of joints sealant or cold welding that water did not filter by. Now take the third vessel. Its size has to be twice more, than each of the top vessels that water volume from the top vessels freely found room in lower. Establish T-shaped perekhodnichok at the bottom of the third vessel exactly in the middle. Then drill on opening vessel sides at the bottom. Through them pass two hoses going from the top vessels. They also should be strengthened hermetically. The main part of your fountainlet is ready.

4. Now it is necessary to arrange the fountainlet in the place chosen by you. Remember that the top vessels have to be located at one level above lower. If you have the fountainlet on the street, it is possible not to use the lower vessel that water poured out directly on the earth. If you use the fountainlet in the apartment, then make the lower fountain removable that it was possible to pour from it water in top. It is necessary only to decorate your fountain. Here it is worth relying on your imagination and imagination.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team