How to make furniture of chipboard

How to make furniture of chipboard

Before work on production of furniture from the material chosen by you penetrate into its features. The Wood-shaving Plates (WSP) are made from pitches and excelsior. If to press them, rather strength connection will turn out. Though it can be split when processing plate. It most often happens on the place of drilling or at the edges of cuts. Therefore it is necessary to work with this material carefully that exterior of product has not deteriorated.

1. It is possible to saw plates from chipboard in house conditions practically any saw with small teeths, for example, of hacksaw. And it is necessary to have saw at an acute angle in relation to saw surface. Using the electrofret saw or circular saw, you make sawing with small giving. So you reduce the probability of splitting of edges of cut.

2. The main difficulties during the work with chipboard consist in material processing. It is necessary not only for its strengthening, but also for giving to final product of attractive exterior. The surface of chipboard can be processed in the traditional way. For this purpose it becomes covered with varnish or is laminated. To receive ideally flat and plain surface, it still needs to be ground and puttied, and then to put laminate or varnish. Faces are often processed by edge from melamine.

3. The easiest way of production of furniture from chipboards plates is the order of cut of material for parts of the necessary form in the specialized company. Only it is necessary to submit the order then you receive qualitatively sawn and processed plates. Further you can already process edges and faces to the taste. The necessary accessories are bought in the construction markets or shops or ordered together with set of chipboard.

4. Further furniture boards need to be connected among themselves, drilling openings in the right places by means of door and fastening self-tapping screws.

5. There are several ways of fastening of parts. Fixing by means of metal or plastic corners most of all approaches the furniture which is built in wall. Besides, corners maintain considerable loadings. At production of cabinet furniture use screws confirmees or euroscrews more often. Such connection very strongly fastens among themselves all parts, but at the same time can worsen exterior of furniture.

6. One more way of fastening is fastening by couplers which perfectly is suitable for cabinet furniture. Though this option is also the most expensive.

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