How to make garden path by means of form and cement

How to make garden path by means of form and cement

Paved garden paths at the dacha or at the house look very beautifully, besides on them it is convenient to go. If there is no opportunity to buy tile or stone, it is possible to make them with own hands from cement by means of ready forms. Work will take not enough time, but the result will surprise members of household and guests. Besides it is possible to choose any width and form of covering, having marked arrangement on the site.

It is required to you

  • - form for garden path (it is desirable to get 4-6 pieces that work went quicker);
  • - cement;
  • - gravel, crushed stone or small stones;
  • - sand;
  • - shovel or convenient scoop;
  • - ropes for path marking at the dacha;
  • - devices for concrete alignment.


1. In the beginning we study the instruction how to make cement. It is good if houses or acquaintances have concrete mixer, otherwise all works should be done manually. Mixing requires fine sand (it is desirable river), water and dry cement mix. That garden paths were strong, mix 3 parts of sand with 1 part of cement mix, adding water to smetanoobrazny state ""approximately"".

2. Before kneading cement the hands or the concrete mixer, it is necessary to buy forms for filling, to prepare the place on the site. The form for garden path has to be from tree, plastic or metal, with its help the beautiful exterior of path at the dacha is given. Before filling in ready mix, the surface is oiled lubricating, working off, dimmed polyethylene film (at choice).

3. The first stage - the choice of places where there will pass garden paths, marking of their width and arrangement pegs with ropes. The second step - removal by shovel of the top fertile layer of the earth on depth about 20 cm, alignment of edges of trench.

4. That the consumption of cement was not too big, on bottom of trench fill 10 cm of crushed stone or gravel, then about 10 cm of sand, ramming layers special adaptation. It is necessary that the tile did not sink and did not freeze in the winter. That there were no weeds on path, on the earth under filling brick put geotextiles or dense polyethylene film of black color.

5. Garden paths will be the hands stronger and durable if before laying of tile to make timbering or to establish borders. It becomes after the earth layer is removed from the site.

6. Any form for garden path gives all the best only on plain surface therefore the stamped layer of damp sand should be leveled once again special purpose tool or board.

7. After all preparatory procedures it is possible to begin to do garden paths by the hands. In the beginning concrete is mixed in necessary quantity, then spreads in the form footpaths laid on perimeter. Mix is leveled by blade. Solution is left practically before full drying, then accurately remove molds.

8. If there is a wish to make paths at the dacha decorative, it is possible to add color stones, tiled mosaic, ceramics pieces to cement. If desired powdery dye which is added to solution for coloring of cement in bright colors is bought.

9. For creation of narrow footpath of form stack on one one after another. If the path is necessary wide, connect 2-3 tiles nearby, having them as it is possible more densely.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team