How to make giving cozy

How to make giving cozy

Vanity of city life quite often causes in us strong desire of privacy with the nature. So pleasantly after the hot, stuffy day spent in the stone jungle of the megalopolis it to appear on nature bosom, in harmonious cozy corner. Giving is just such place where it is possible to have a rest both soul, and body.


1. In order that rest was good, giving has to be cozy. If to conform to several simple rules, you will easily achieve it by own efforts without involvement of designers and decorators.

2. Issue giving walls in bright tone. For addition of chic and gloss, cover paint with thin layer of gilding. On sunny days of wall of giving will sparkle and please you with the unusual coloring. For interior of the bedroom choose light warm colors. All shades yellow and orange will interestingly look. Dark and heavy colors will be suitable for the living room more.

3. Organize cozy terrace. For comfort make it covered that even in inclement weather you could enjoy fresh air. Process external walls of terrace the tinted impregnations, it will allow to protect tree from external factors and will add pleasant shade to wood.

4. In registration of giving use the objects made with own hands. For example, the pillowcases embroidered by threads for pillows or the rugs in the living room sewed from small squares of dense fabric. Such trifles will make your interior unique and refined.

5. Paint interroom doors with paints. Use natural compositions with plants or animals. Exotic birds will look very gracefully. If you do not have enough imagination for own plot, use ready of magazines.

6. Create more luminous sources. Hang up several lamps of different size and coloring. It will add vanguard to decor and will make your dwelling cozy and warm.

7. Fill rooms of giving with window plants. In kitchen place small cachepots with the blossoming plants. In the living room and in the hall put dekorativnolistvenny plants, with large massive leaves. In interior of the bedroom it will be successful to use various lianas or tiny trees which are not demanding special care.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team