How to make green hedge of puzyreplodnik

How to make green hedge of puzyreplodnik

The popularity of the puzyreplodnik landed as green hedge is quite explainable: magnificent krone, effective shade of foliage, unpretentiousness to cultivation conditions. Care for such fence does not make special work, however demands observance of several obligatory rules.

Puzyreplodnik is bush, shade-enduring, resistant to drought, frosts and strong gas contamination of the atmosphere. Some grades of this plant have bright coloring of foliage: citreous or it is dense - purple, capable under the influence of sunshine to get other, not less effective shades. That leaves have not lost the brightness and beauty, it is important to observe specifics of landing of green hedge and care for it.

Any soils, except limy will be suitable for landing of bush. If soils heavy also contain clay which can detain water, causing stagnation of moisture in the field of root system, then the site for landing of fence needs to be provided with drainage from beaten brick or stone. The site has to be well lit with the sun – the puzyreplodnik too well grows in shadow, but over time its foliage will fade and will lose beauty of coloring.

That from bush the dense and dense fence has turned out, quite large number of plants will be required: from three to five bushes usually are the share of one square meter. For their landing prepare not traditional landing holes, but trenches depth about half a meter – it provides to fence continuity, density and uniformity. Bushes land in chessboard order in two-three rows. Stack peat or humus on bottom of trench, establish bushes together with earth lump, fill up with the soil and well water. For the best preservation of moisture the pristvolny circle can be mulched peat.

After rooting of plant it is necessary to carry out at once its cutting, otherwise radical gains will not be formed, and the bottom of fence will become rare and transparent. In the first year the bushes cut off, leaving above the ground about 15-20 cm. The next year, for providing fence of due density, the main gain is cut off on half, gain of side branches – leaving several centimeters from the place of growth of escape. Cutting is made or in the early spring, kidneys, or in the fall when the vegetation period ends were not dismissed yet. If raznotsvetnolistny grades of bush have escapes with green foliage, they should be deleted. For forming of the dense basis of fence it is necessary to carry out quite frequent cutting of bush – to five times a year, within two-four years. At the same time surely cut off escapes which grow up that side branches, expanding, could fill fence basis contour. Only after that to fence from puzyreplodnik allow to gain height. The close arrangement of bushes to each other can result in root deficiency of nutrients. For this reason the puzyreplodnik needs obligatory fertilizing. Feed up nitrogen fertilizers in the early spring of plant: the mullein, urea, etc., and bring mineral fertilizing in the soil in the fall. Since the plant well transfers frosts, it does not demand special preparation for wintering. The bush needs ukryvny materials only if hard frosts were established for long time: in this case frosting-up of tips of young escapes is possible.

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