How to make grid chain-link

How to make grid chain-link

Rabitz netting is everywhere applied both in industrial, and in domestic needs – do frameworks, fences, protections, shelters and cages for animals of it, various partitions, and many other things. The similar grid can help significantly to you about the house, and you can both get it from the producer, and to make manually. Production of grid chain-link is available to any master and does not demand special skills. You will be able to make such grid alone, possessing standard set of tools.


1. Basis of grid chain-link are the lines from metal wire linked among themselves and representing the extended spring created with big step of coiling. From face such spring will have the form of narrow oval.

2. For manual coiling of such wire you will need the simplest coiling machine with mechanical control knob. You need to make lines in the form of oval springs identical length, considering in addition half of length of cell from each party.

3. This stock will help you to keep durability and integrity of ready grid – the extreme wire needs to be bent that lines were not uncoupled with each other, and the grid did not disperse.

4. Having prepared the necessary quantity of identical spring lines with step of coiling of 72 mm and cell of 5 by 5 mm in size, connect them with each other, screwing in each subsequent line in previous. The overwound lines will have coupling point on wire bends.

5. If you want to make ten-meter cloth of grid chain-link with cells of 5 by 5 cm, prepare about 290 spring lines. Having completely collected cloth and having clamped edges of lines, twist grid in roll, having densely rolled up its edges plastic foil or dense paper to prevent injuries and accidental cuts about keen edges of wire.

6. Despite the small performance of such method of weaving of grid chain-link, it is optimum for house conditions, and well is suitable for domestic needs when there is no need for excessively large number of such grid.

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