How to make grounding

How to make grounding

Did you have such cases when to check whether water in bucket from the boiler was warmed, you put hand in bucket, and you were beaten with current? It could say only that indoors unsatisfactory grounding or it is absent at all. And in owner-occupied and multi-storey buildings of old construction the grounding usually is not provided. But such annoying oversight can be eliminated, having established grounding by the hands.


1. We choose grounding electrodes. Most often electrodes do of steel, is more rare – from the steel covered with copper cover and copper. Let's stop on the first option. Choosing grounding electrode, we pay attention to cross-sectional area. Using angle or rectangular section, we take area of cut from 150 mm2. The minimum diameter of steel pipe has to be equal to 32 mm, and thickness of its walls – 3.5 mm. In length the grounding electrode has to make at least 2 meters. At the same time, on ground wires there should not be coverings which can worsen electric contact.

2. We arrange grounding. It is necessary to use not less than three grounding electrodes which are driven in into the earth in the form of triangle with the equal parties. Length of the parties should not be less than 1.2 meters. We dig out three poles in form of our future grounding of half-meter depth and we connect them trenches. After that we prepare electrodes for driving in, using the Bulgarian. We pick up sledge hammer more and we hammer electrodes into the soil. In case the soil very firm, can flatten out the ends of electrodes. What do we do? We cut off the Bulgarian the deformed piece of electrode and we continue to kill him.

3. By means of the steel conductor having section not less than 50 mm2 we connect electrodes. All connections need to be carried out welding is the most reliable option. It is necessary to fix conductors to electrodes bolts only as a last resort. We pull out small trench from the venue of grounding to the house. We carry out to point of expected input of grounding to the house metal strip and we bring her above the ground. It is necessary to weld bolt of M10 or M8 on strip to connect our grounding to the grounding conductor. Grounding is ready! You can not be afraid now that will hit you with current.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team