How to make hammock in the apartment

How to make hammock in the apartment

Hammock – the great place for dream and rest. Depending on design they can be different types, made of grid and the fabrics equipped with rails and without them, one - and many-placed. Variety of coloring allows to pick up not only convenient and practical hammock, but also that which will harmoniously fit into apartment interior.

We do basis for hammock

The fabric, one-seat hammock which is not equipped with rails has the maximum similarity to Latin American "ancestor". Advantage of such hammock in safety and resistance to turning.

For production of basis it will be required:

- fabric basis – 2.10 m; - tape 5 cm wide – 3.2 m;

- linen cord with a diameter of 8-16.5 m. Hem fabric basis from all directions. For creation of basis for loops linen cord cut on 12 pieces on 10 cm everyone. Fold each loop double.

Apply the received eyelets to basis so that loops came on cloth on 2-2.5 cm in front and behind. Having correctly implemented recommendations, you receive loops with working width within 2.5-3 cm. On each narrow side about 6 loops placed with step to 20 cm have to be located. By means of the sewing machine fix loops by strong threads. To cover the bases of loops and to increase durability of hammock the tape will help. Pristrochite of cloth, its on narrow edge. Through loops miss cord so that slings, two-piece cord, everyone on 70 cm were created. Sew the received ends among themselves, having thereby received the closed system. At distance of 0.5 m from cloth tie up slings, and from tails create loop by means of which the hammock will be attached to wall.

Simple hammock from raincoat fabric

From tarpaulin or raincoat fabric sew square or rectangular cover of the necessary size. On corners of cover insert eyelets and stretch in them strong rope or chains. Fix the received design on 4 hooks on ceiling or wall. If desired in cover it is possible to lay soft blanket or rolled sintepon.

We suspend hammock

For strong and safe fastening will be required: - carbines; - set of metal collars; - anchor rings with a diameter not less than 1 cm – 2 pieces; - 3 drills on 6, 8, 12 mm; - shock perforator. On wall by means of pencil plan the place of fastening of hammock. Drill opening of 10.5 cm in depth at right angle. Carry out drilling, beginning brown 6 mm, then 8 mm and having finished 12 mm. Such approach will be guarantee that drilling will not end with coloring of wall. If in one of walls of fastening there is interroom partition, it can not sustain loadings. For risk reduction the hooks twist through and fix from reverse side nuts. If you are not sure that walls will be able to sustain loading, give preference to hammocks which fasten to wooden floor blank.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team