How to make hammock with own hands

How to make hammock with own hands

The hammock represents fine construction which can be used for rest. Being something average between sofa and chair, it can become non-standard decoration of the seasonal dacha, it is possible to make it independently of improvised materials. How to make hammock with own hands?

It is required to you

  • Dense fabric, linen cord, tape


1. Materials for production of hammock can be the most various. The main of them – grid or fabric. Also wooden rails, cord, throw pillows, tape, lace can be necessary. Suitable fabric can be picked up under your style, interior and flavoring preferences; the choice on counters of the shops trading in textiles is rather big.

2. The steady and convenient hammock can turn out from fabric. Rails, in it its advantage will not be necessary for it. One more plus – such hammock is resistant to turning, and therefore is safer.

3. To make hammock with own hands, you need fabric more than two meters long and one meter wide. Stock up with linen cord, it will go to slings. Diameter of cord – 5-7 mm, length is about 17 m. The tape 4 cm wide and more than 3 m long is useful.

4. Hem fabric from all directions. From tape cut off twelve strips 10 cm long. These strips will become material for preparation of loops. The loop should be put in half and to put to panel so that it came on cloth on couple of centimeters in front and behind. Six loops which have turned out at you arrange from each other at distance approximately in 20 cm. For reliability stitch each loop threads. Stitch narrow edge of cloth tape to cover loops. It will provide durability and will give to hammock the best view.

5. To complete hammock, it is necessary to banish cord through loops. Create slings not less than 70 cm long, they will consist of two cords. Densely sew the ends of cord among themselves for formation of the closed system. Lay slings at distance of 50-55 cm from edge of cloth and tie up. Tails will serve for forming of loop on which the hammock will fasten. The hammock is almost ready for operation.

6. It is necessary to fix hammock at the height of 1.5 m from earth surface. Distance between extensions make about three meters. If for fastening you have chosen trees, then make sure of their reliability – thickness of trunk has to be sufficient. In the absence of suitable trees, artificial support can be used. It is possible to make them of metal pipes or wooden columns, having driven in the earth not less than on one and a half meters. Pleasant rest! Also to make hammock independently, it is possible to try to weave it, but such way more difficult and long.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team