How to make hanger

How to make hanger

Hangers for clothes have to be in any hall. Unfortunately, in some apartments such plannings which do not leave any place for the full-fledged hall meet. The outer door conducts us on kitchen or to the room nearly at once. In this case it is necessary to make hanger for clothes with partition. Then it is not necessary to hang out jackets and coat on backs of chairs and chairs.

It is required to you

  • For convenient hanger partition it is necessary to take four bars of 4х6 cm in section and six with section 3х3 cm, several boards, self-adhesive film, fiber board width about our future hanger, screws with the screw driver, hooks for clothes, varnish for tree with brush and spacing screws or wedges.


1. We choose the place for our partition. In the right place we establish bars (4х6 cm) in thrust between floor and ceiling. We will be helped by wedges or spacing screws. To bars we fix boards by means of screws at distance about 15 cm from each other. By the way, boards fasten from within.

2. At us such locker turns out. We attach fiber board to its back wall which addresses the room. This plate needs previously to be pasted over with self-adhesive film on both sides.

3. Now we do regiments. The lower shelf is carried out from bars with smaller section at the height about 45 cm from floor. We fix their screws through hats to sidewalls. The top shelf fastens at distance about 180 cm from floor from the same bars. We beat couple of bars, one of which will play bar role for coat hanger.

4. Hooks for umbrellas, bags and other accessories we fix on sidewalls. In conclusion we process tree abrasive paper and we varnish in three layers. The convenient and practical hanger for outerwear is ready.

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