How to make heating coil

How to make heating coil

Heating coil – necessary part of the device designed to radiate heat. If you at hand have no factory installation, you can make heating coil with own hands from make-shifts.


1. If you want to make heating coil for water, that is the self-made boiler of the small sizes, two thin plates from steel will be necessary for you. Perfectly 2 edges from the old razor will approach. Do not use for this design copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metals as they poison water. Also take matches and find old unnecessary electrocord.

2. Place plates opposite to each other, having arranged between them matches so that plates did not adjoin. Fasten design with threads. Fix wires from cord so that to each plate about one wire fastened. This device nothing cannot be isolated. It is desirable that the cord was copper, this necessary condition for any heating coils.

3. Observe safety precautions during the work with the similar heater. First, when using at first submerge the heater in water, and then include energy. Secondly, do not use such design for heating of salt water as there is risk of emergence of short circuit in network. Do not touch water during heater operating time at all. Such design is rather dangerous, however with success soldiers, summer residents use it if there is no factory boiler.

4. If you need the small heating coil eating from the normal battery, then it is possible to use spiral from nikhromovy or copper wire. The ends of such spiral become isolated on + and – contacts of the battery. The similar heater can heat up to temperature of 100 degrees or even above, but the battery will quickly sit down, besides, temperature will be difficult to be calculated, it will depend on thickness of wire, quantity of rounds, length of wire and power of the battery. Such heater it is impossible to heat water at all. Use carefully in order to avoid burns. It is better to establish it on firm substrate from heat-resistant material.

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