How to make house cleaning quickly

How to make house cleaning quickly

How often happens when on the day off just there is a wish to relax and close eyes to not tidied up rooms. But here the phone call sounds, and relatives or friends warn that in half an hour they will come on a visit. Not to lose face before relatives, it is necessary to understand simple rules how to make house cleaning quickly.

1. The main thing to work in this situation built and purposefully, you should not run on the apartment and to grab randomly all things which lie not on the place and to try to find, where to put them.

2. It is necessary to make the approximate plan of expected fast cleaning, to estimate on time that you will manage to make and that should be lowered. Is not necessary for half an hour before arrival of guests to start large-scale clear-out – there will not be enough time, and guests surely will arrive to the heat of fight with disorder. Therefore be limited only to superficial cleaning: to remove things from foregrounds, to wipe dust, to vacuum and place accurately trifles.

3. First of all, it is worth removing all those things which lie not on the place. Take big basket or basin, pass about the room, and collect everything to what here not the place: books, clothes, newspapers, ware. If you need to tide up quickly, there is no time to place everything on places. Just place capacity with things in other room into which guests will not come.

4. After you remove things, it is necessary to get rid of dust. Wipe with rag visible surfaces which in sight of guests. You should not dust mezzanines or on the top shelf of cabinet now. When it is removed, take the vacuum cleaner and walk on floor and carpet.

5. When dry cleaning is complete, it is possible to start damp – scatter on windows and mirrors cleaning agent and wipe with dry rag. Do not forget to refresh plumbing, and if necessary to scatter freshener.

6. If time allows, it is possible to walk damp rag on floor to finish picture of ideal order. There is a little more time and it is possible to guide finishing touches – to correct the got-off pillows, to place exactly figurines and to air the room.

7. If you have managed to make house cleaning quickly, take care of the own life: change clothes, comb hair and do easy make-up. If time allows, take the refreshing shower.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team