How to make house mini-garden

How to make house mini-garden

The mini-garden represents composition from several houseplants which are united by one subject or one container. Excellent element for decor of interior and not expensive hobby which is not demanding so many efforts as it seems at first sight. Main, it is correct to organize everything.

We choose container

The size of house mini-garden depends on your imaginations and amount of free space in the apartment or the house. Often as container use big clay pot, wicker basket or plastic container. It can be some unnecessary household subject: pan, basin, boot, and if desired even furniture – chair, coffee table, chair, etc. Perfectly cans or glass tanks – aquariums, huge decorative glasses, banks, bottles, salad bowls, big cups, etc. look.

Creation of mini-garden will also require tools. The small size of shovel and rake it is easy to find in gardening shops. But instead of them it is possible to apply make-shifts – for example, spoon and fork. Do not forget to protect newspapers or polyethylene table at which you are going to work and hands – economic gloves.

Even for work you need soil, drainage, decor elements (sand, stones, bugles, ceramic mosaic, various figures).

Plants for mini-garden

Not all plants will be suitable for creation of house garden. Some requirements are imposed to them.

First, plants have to be unpretentious to the neighbourhood with other inhabitants.

Secondly, it have to be slow-growing types, their main objective is to support overall view of garden as long as possible. Cacti, sedum, moss sphagnum, pakhifitum will approach, kamnelomka, threshed.

The root system of plants has to correspond to depth of the chosen container. For example, succulents demand low (somewhere to 10 cm) container. Dekorativnolistny plants, on the contrary, love high pots.

All plants of your cage have to be compact. Give preference to young sprouts or dwarfish types. It gelaksin, fittonia, gasteriya, myrtle, ivy, tolstyanka etc. From the blossoming plants will approach: violet, mini-roses, cycloexchanges, kalanchoe, streptokarpus, etc.

Arrangement of mini-garden

For a start it is necessary to think up style and composition of mini-garden. On paper draw the plan of planting of plants and arrangement of decor. If everything is pleasant, it is possible to start arrangement.

On bottom of container we fill drainage (haydite, beaten brick, crushed stone, clay crocks – that there will be houses). If you use small capacity, will be rather small haydite 2 cm thick.

Then we fill soil. It can be bought in special shop or to prepare, the main thing that the structure was suitable for these plants. We add to soil perlite (2 tablespoons on 3 l of soil). It increases porosity of the soil, thanks to it roots of plants will be able normally to breathe in close pot. Perlite well absorbs moisture and fertilizers, and then as required gives them to roots of plants.

It is necessary to land the prepared planting stock in soil, observing the conceived composition. In winter time it is better to do it by transfer method – to transfer them to container together with earth lump.

The soil around the planted plants needs to be stamped slightly. To water from small watering can or volumetric glass with nose.

For decor it is possible to use any jewelry, some elements or toys. Lodges, tables, garden chairs, small fences, garden mini-gnomes, etc. will well look.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team