How to make hybrid

How to make hybrid

Hybrid plants surround us everywhere. Practically all seeds of cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetable cultures are received by method of crossing and hybridization. Unfortunately, the posterity from such plants or is absolutely sterile, or just the same plants as in the subsequent generations the splitting of signs will go will not grow from seeds. And whether you know that it is possible to create interesting and unusual hybrids independently? Believe, it is very simple.

It is required to you

  • - brush;
  • - polyethylene;
  • - cord;
  • - paper.


1. Very well such plants as squash, pumpkins and bush pumpkins give in to repollination. If you dream to receive on the bed harvest of unprecedented squash hitherto, plant seeds of different grades closely to each other. During blossoming the insects pollinators will fly from flower on flower and will transfer pollen from plants of one grade to plants of another. It is worth noticing that the similar effect can achieve if to plant squash and bush pumpkins enough far apart as bees fly on impressive distances. But if you seek to achieve resistant result and crossing of different grades – put closer.

2. For such plants as the wild strawberry, is required more delicate work. The wild strawberry perfectly gives in to pollination by means of insects, but the result can be absolutely unpredictable here. If you have aimed to receive hybrid of two grades which are most interesting to you, it is necessary to make some efforts. Collect the mature, well opened flowers of wild strawberry of that grade which will carry out pollination, and it is accurate, by means of soft brush, apply pollen on snout of pestle of wild strawberry of other grade. As in this experiment the pollination of plants specific pollen is crucial, it is necessary to isolate flower that it could not be pollinated from something else. Place wild strawberry flower in separate transparent bag of the small size and tie it.

3. Receiving posterity from hybrid plants – one of the most difficult stages. If you want to grow up seedling of squash or pumpkin, here special difficulties will not arise. Leave one squash that it had opportunity to ripen on bed in the fall. Let's it lie down during the winter and when his skin becomes flabby, take seeds and properly dry them. In spite of the fact that this year all your squash have grown such what were promised by the picture on packing if you plant hybrid seeds the next summer, the harvest will be more than various. And here to grow up hybrid wild strawberry, you should wait for some berries from that flower which you so carefully preserved against foreign pollen.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team