How to make hydroelectric power station

How to make hydroelectric power station

Those who lives in the area with insufficiently developed infrastructure quite often should face problem of steady power supply. In the absence of constant source of electricity it is possible to solve this problem, having built autonomous hydroelectric power station. For the device of such small power station the most available materials, skillful hands and the river flowing nearby or stream are required.

It is required to you

  • - sheets of iron;
  • - metal pipes;
  • - electric generator;
  • - metal wire;
  • - bolts and nuts;
  • - set of wrenches;
  • - tools for metal working;
  • - welding machine.


1. Stock up with the materials necessary for the structure of hydroelectric power station. Metal profile pipes, corners, sheet iron will be necessary. Prepare also welding unit, set of tools for work with metals, fastening elements for connection of constructive parts. Buy the generator for turbine wheel.

2. Manufacture turbine vanes of power plant. Use for this purpose metal pipes with a diameter of 4 inches or even a little more. For effective operation of the turbine the number of blades has to make not less than sixteen.

3. Take nave of old automobile wheel as basis of turbine wheel. Make template that turbine wheels were coordinated with the nave sizes. Previously having defined position of turbine vanes, cut on this template of opening in disks of which the turbine design will consist. It is the most convenient to connect template in turn to each of disks and to make openings on number of blades.

4. Connect disks among themselves welding by means of iron rods. Before application of welding smooth out steel face from galvanization, otherwise steel when processing by welding will emit gas hazardous to health.

5. Plan in that part of the turbine which will be directly connected to the generator, technology opening not less than 80 mm in size. It is required for convenience of mounting of the unit, having allowed to get access to internal part of the turbine unit.

6. Through special nozzle attach pipe on which on turbine blades water will be pumped. Execute pipe dynamic, capable to move freely in any direction. Such design will give the chance to operate effectively water supply on blades.

7. Install the generator on power plant. At wire routing of the generator use "delta" connection or "star". For increase in controllability of the device and giving to the generator of opportunity to change rotational speed drill in the opening turbine if necessary to change distance between rotors. From the turbine opposite to the generator, install the converter of alternating current in constant.

8. The mounted hydroelectric power station arrange near water current, whether it be stream or the river. Adapt discharge pipe with a diameter about 100 mm to which connect the turbine. Pick up optimum angle of inclination of pipe by practical consideration.

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