How to make imitation of window on wall

How to make imitation of window on wall

Imitation of window in interior - great way of revival of space and masking of unattractive sites of wall. Such reception allows to make visually the room lighter and spacious.

Imitation of window on wall is popular and often meets in modern interiors. It allows not only to decorate the room, but also to open hole in other reality, to present opportunity to admire beautiful views even if the world around looks gray and sad. 

In living space it is possible to carry to advantages of imitation of windows:

  • visual increase in the room;
  • creation of additional source of lighting;
  • decoration of walls and masking of its certain sites;
  • creation of the cozy atmosphere indoors, entering of variety into interior.

False windows often establish in rooms where window openings are not provided: bathrooms, corridors, wardrobe. Sometimes the space between two next windows is inappropriate and insufficiently functional. In these cases mirror designs are applied. 

There is set of types of false windows:

  • drawn;
  • photowall-paper;
  • mirror;

The drawn windows allow to make interior original and unusual. For the embodiment of the idea in reality it is necessary to address the artist who will represent any picture on wall. It is possible to draw on wall not only the landscape framed with window frames but also curtains, windowsill. Very effectively interiors in which on walls false windows with the drawn curtain are located on the one hand and the real curtain - with another look. 

Application of photowall-paper is much more economic in comparison with the order of the image at the professional artist. Modern photowall-paper differs in realness of the image. It is possible to choose cloths with different textures. Often designers place wall-paper with the image of landscape under organic glass. 

Very effectively windows with illumination look. They are usually used in interiors with the low level of illumination. Illumination is carried out with the help:

  • LEDs;
  • energy saving lamps;
  • LED tapes.

At installation of false windows of a such type of cable and wire it is necessary to lay in advance. Ceiling apertures with illumination give feeling of freedom and limitlessness of space. They are established in bedrooms, in children's rooms. 

Recently more often people give preference to LED windows. This modern invention is the liquid crystal screen with special software module. The screen can be attached to wall or ceiling and to connect to the computer, the notebook. Series of pictures which through the set periods are replaced with each other is loaded into memory of the software. At the people who are in the room impression is made that they look out of the window. At the same time the picture does not bother as there is possibility of change of the image. 

After the analysis of characteristics of the room and the choice of certain type of construction it is possible to start realization of conceived. The easiest way to decorate the room - to establish windows with photowall-paper. On sale there are cloths with images for every taste. It is possible to choose independently pleasant picture and to order the press in printing house, having specified the necessary sizes. The image should not be too "granular" as in this case it does not look plausibly. Very interestingly pictures with 3D effect look. Using them in creation of interior, it is possible to reach feeling of reality of the image. 

For installation of false window it is necessary to take the sheet of gypsum cardboard and to cut from it fragments for assembly of box. Optimum depth of box - 100 mm. Other sizes have to correspond to the cloth sizes. It is possible to collect the box imitating window by means of self-tapping screws. All joints and hats of fastening elements need to be zashpatlevat then to paint the turned-out design. It is better to use acrylic paint as she well lays down and is not toxic. The shade needs to be selected taking into account color gamma of interior and what is represented on photowall-paper. 

For production of frame it is necessary to cut wooden baguettes so that their lengths corresponded to box perimeter, and edges have been cut off at an angle in 45 °. It is possible to use as well polyurethane fillets. It will reduce the price of design. For receiving ideally equal corners it is better to use the miter box. This tool has the cuts located under the necessary corner. 

In plasterboard box it is possible to paste LED tape if it is necessary to create additional lighting. In box it is also necessary to make opening and to remove through it power cord. 

The box needs to be covered with cloth with the image, and from above to fasten baguettes. Over cloth with photowall-paper it is also possible to lay the organic glass which is previously cut on given sizes.  All joints and hats of self-tapping screws are recommended to be zashpatlevat and painted. It is possible to fix box to wall in any available way. It is better to use special fastening elements. In order that the design had similarity with the real window, it is possible to attach below the level serving as windowsill. 

 The false-window on ceiling is admissible to have, but in this case it is necessary to make niche at first. For this purpose it is necessary to use design from gypsum cardboard. The first tier will be applied as the basis for imitation placement, and the second will designate the ceiling plane. Such option of registration of interior assumes the raised labor costs, but at the same time looks very effectively. Photowall-paper with the image of the cloudy or star sky or mirror, mosaic can be applied to creation of false window on ceiling. 

Mirror windows not only increase rooms visually, but also give them the correct geometrical proportions. For installation of imitation it is necessary to make box of gypsum cardboard, to paste mirror panels to its outer side, and then to attach box to the chosen surface. Thin frames it is necessary to issue design at the edges and to make on the mirror panel of division polyurethane or wooden strips on small sectors. Mirror windows well mask the fitted cupboards. 

Additional accessories will give to interior special highlight regardless of which the type of false window has been chosen. If the design of the room provides installation of small windowsill under imitation of window, it is possible to put on it pot with flowers or to decorate with souvenirs. 

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team