How to make induction boiler of heating with own hands: production of the self-made heatgenerator

How to make induction boiler of heating with own hands: production of the self-made heatgenerator

For ensuring heat and cosiness in country house it is important to install in it rather effective heating equipment. One of the most powerful and at the same time economic devices for maintenance of heat is the induction boiler. To save on purchase of ready boiler, it is possible to try to assemble it independently from make-shifts.

Device of induction boiler

The heating equipment of induction type includes the following components:

  • The inductor – the most important element of the unit which is some kind of transformer and contains two windings. Primary of them, reeled up on the core, it is intended for creation of the electromagnetic field forming vortex air flows. As for secondary winding, she is responsible for transmission of power directly to the heat carrier and at the same time is the boiler body.
  • The inverter or the converter accepting the household electric power and transforming to high-frequency current with further giving on the primary winding.
  • The heating coil or the core presented in the form of metal pipe.
  • Two branch pipes, one of which provides connection of boiler with the heat carrier, and another carries out supply of heated water in heating system.

Important indicator is the boiler power for which calculation 1 kW on 10 sq.m of the room where room height does not exceed three meters undertakes. Thus, if the total area of the house, for example, is 120 sq.m, the organization of effective heating services requires the 12 kW induction boiler.

Principle of operation of the device

Before starting creation of the induction unit, it is important to get acquainted with how this device functions:

  • water comes to boiler on inlet branch pipe;
  • the inverter is activated and begins to give high-frequency current;
  • the core and further all heating coil form warmly at the expense of vortex streams;
  • the formed energy by means of hydrostatic pressure is transmitted through the leaving branch pipe in heating system.

So, the induction boiler is continuous chain of the devices which are densely connected with each other and ensuring continuous operation of the equipment at the expense of constant internal pressure. At the same time as the heat carrier in induction boiler water, oil, antifreeze and any oil basis can be used. In house conditions it is the simplest to manufacture the unit of average power which will accumulate heat by means of heating of water to the necessary temperature.

Features of self-made boiler

The boiler unit collected in house conditions will provide rather fast heating of the heat carrier in only 3-5 minutes, and its minimum temperature at the same time will be 35 degrees. The magnetic field formed in the device will create not only heat energy, but also vibrations, interfere with emergence of scum. As a result it is possible to say with confidence that the efficiency of boiler will be 100%, that is the electric power will be processed in warmly actually without loss.

From other advantages of self-made boiler it is possible to note lack of products of burning when functioning therefore there is no need in addition to construct flue and to carry out frequent technical maintenance. Besides, the device is capable to function smoothly within 30 years and more: in the unit there are no mechanical parts which could wear out and be damaged.

Device assembly procedure

Before starting assembly of induction boiler, it is important to prepare all necessary materials for its production. Not to do also without special tools. The full list will include such components as:

  • piece of plastic pipe for the device body;
  • steel corrosion-proof wire for production of heating coil;
  • copper wire suitable for inductor role;
  • adapters and ball valves for connection of boiler to house heating system;
  • circulating pump;
  • the inverter from the welding machine;
  • flat-nose pliers;

It is the best of all to install the boiler in the basement or semibasement room where optimum temperature for normal functioning of the device will be maintained all the year round. Designing of induction boiler will consist of the following steps:

  • Cut stainless steel wire on pieces from 3 to 7 cm long by means of nippers. Fill with them plastic pipe, stacking pieces so that inside there was no emptiness left. Fix the metal gauze that pieces of wire did not get enough sleep outside at pipe faces.
  • Make insert of branch pipes in the top and lower parts of pipe. The lower branch pipe is necessary in order that the heat carrier came to boiler, and through top he will move in heating system.
  • Reel up copper wire over pipe, having created several dozen dense rounds. Connect the ends of wire to inverter connectors.
  • Using ball valves and adapters of the necessary diameter, connect boiler to heating system. It is necessary only to establish the circulating pump suitable on power. Surely turn on the device and wait for filling of the unit with the heat carrier. Only after that it is possible to give high-frequency current on induction boiler.

There is alternative version of the device on the basis of the induction panel or tile available on broad sale. In the presence of metal or pig-iron radiator just lean against it tile and include it. It is important to remember that the way works only with the equipment from the designated materials: it is necessary for heating of surface and liquid that metal was magnetized. Products from aluminum or stainless steel do not carry through themselves current.

Gradually under the influence of energy from induction tile the radiator will get warm and extend heat on the room. For creation of optimum temperature in the room on 20 sq.m enough 0.8 kW device. It is not the most effective and reliable way on improvement of heating services, however the most available and inexpensive. Separate advantage is that induction tiles most often have the built-in control system and safety of work which will automatically switch-off the device in case of overheating.

Councils for installation and use of boiler

Self-made induction devices differ in rather simple assembly, installation and operation. And still before starting operation of boiler, it is important to learn several important rules:

  • the induction heating unit can be used only in the closed heating systems where air circulation is provided at the expense of circulating pump;
  • at connection of heating system to boiler use distributing only from propylene or plastic pipes;
  • to avoid troubles various, install the device on some distance from the next surface: on 80 cm or more from floor and ceiling and not less than 30 cm from wall.
  • Surely equip boiler branch pipe with the blasting valve by means of which it will be possible to let out if necessary from system the excess air, stabilizing thereby pressure and creating optimal conditions to operation.

So, from inexpensive and available materials and also with use of the simplest tools for you there is opportunity to build full thermal installation which will provide effective heating of rooms and water. Important only in accuracy to follow the main recommendations not to make mistakes at assembly and further operation of the equipment.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team