How to make ironing board

How to make ironing board

The lack of such simple subject as ironing board, can create serious problems. It is difficult to find the apartment where there would be no purchased ironing board. However except apartments there are still country houses and country houses. For such places the simple self-made board which production takes away not enough time quite meets.

It is required to you

  • – board 250 wide and 20-30 mm thick;
  • – thin felt from cotton;
  • – linen or cotton fabric;
  • – leatherette;
  • – asbestokarton;
  • – galvanized leaf 0.5-0.8 mm thick;
  • – panel nails;
  • – metalwork tool.


1. The ironing board has to consist at least of three parts: the board, mini-board for ironing of sleeves and support for the iron. Take board 250 mm wide and 1 m long. By means of compasses draw semi-circle at one its edge, having entered it in edge and sides of board. Cut off board hacksaw or tsirkulyarka on the nacherchenny line – so that the cut edge of board has got semi-circle form.

2. Prostrugayte plane one party of board. Put it the waney party up and lay on it felt and linen or cotton fabric. Cut off material on board perimeter with stock of 5-6 cm. Tuck edges of felt and fabric under board.

3. Cut off necessary quantity of strips of leatherette 5 cm wide. Their total length has to be equal to board perimeter length. Contract strips twice and upholster with them edges of board – from all directions except for straight line edge. At upholstery densely pull fabric. Cut off the speaker from under panel strip material aflush with board edge.

4. For production of mini-board take board 100 wide and 500 mm long. Do with it the same work which was performed with ironing board. I.e. round one edge, prostrugayta one party, upholster waney surface with fabric with felt.

5. At production of support for the iron, take piece of board the sizes of 15х20 cm and prostrugayta one its party. Put asbestos millboard on waney surface and cut off it with stock in 20-25 mm from three parties and level with one 20 centimetric party. Bend edges of cardboard on side edges.

6. Upholster edge edges of support from three parties (from where there is asbestos cement) with the steel strip which is cut off from galvanized leaf. At upholstery the edge of strip has to act over front surface on 4-5 mm, it should be bent then – that it has pressed asbestokarton to board. Before upholstery do not forget to make in opening strip under nails by means of center punch.

7. For fastening of support to ironing board drill in its face (from that party where there is no steel strip) two openings with a diameter of 6 and 40 mm in depth, having arranged them at distance of 100 mm from each other. Cut off two iron rods of Ø6 and 80 mm long. Round their ends on the sharpening machine and hammer bars into support openings.

8. Apply support bars to direct face of ironing board and knock on its edge with the hammer – so that at face of ironing board deepenings from bars have imprinted. Drill in the planned places of opening with a diameter of 6 and 50 mm in depth. Send the bars sharpening from support to the drilled openings and blows of the hammer connect support to ironing board. Bars have to enter densely openings of board and provide reliable accession of support to it for the iron.

9. For fastening of mini-board it is necessary to make bracket. Cut off from metal sheet 2 mm thick rectangular preparation by the sizes of 140х100 mm and bend it across the long party in the form of the letter "Z". Width of the top and lower shelves of bracket make equal 40 mm, bracket height in this case has to be equal 60 mm (40+40+60=140).

10. Drill in regiments two openings under mm Ø4 screws. Attach the top shelf screws to lower face of mini-board, lower – to ironing board, having placed it in corner opposite to support for the iron. Such in the way, the mini-board will tower on 60 mm over surface of ironing board and to be at its edge, allowing to use almost all its surface without hindrances.

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