How to make jewelry for the house of buttons

How to make jewelry for the house of buttons

Modern handmakers and interior designers more often find unusual application for the most normal things. Jewelry from buttons for interior became one of such trends. By means of unnecessary accessories of various size and form, rukodelnik suggest to create true masterpieces: pictures, drinking bowls, plafonds, supports for hot and so forth. Jewelry from buttons will become unusual and original part of your interior.

  • - buttons;
  • - transparent glue;
  • - acrylic paints;
  • - multi-colored nail varnish;
  • - dense cardboard or plywood;
  • - frame;
  • - pencil;
  • - paper.

1. Jewelry for the house from buttons can take the most various forms. One of the most popular – picture. Having decided to make picture of buttons, find the suitable image or think up it and draw the sketch. So you will be able to calculate necessary amount and form of material.

2. For example, you have decided to lay out flower from buttons, and material does not approach on color at all. The simplest option is to paint buttons. Nail varnishes perfectly will be suitable for this purpose: cover each button with 1-2 layers. Varnish it is good what does not demand post-processing: thanks to the texture, it will add to parts gloss.

3. Wait until the painted parts well dry. Doing ornament of buttons for the first time, cut the sketch and paste on basis of future picture. It will help you to attach all parts more exactly and correctly. However at first spread out buttons, without pasting them. You watch that parts created smooth edges of lobes – so the product from buttons will look more accurately and more beautifully.

4. When the result of vykladyvaniye completely satisfies you, begin to paste buttons to basis. Only do not disassemble "model"! Lift on one button, smear with transparent glue and put back. Moving ahead from top to down, create all image.

5. Having made ornament for the house of buttons, wait day – that all parts have perfectly joined. Then pick up original registration. If buttons bright – stop the choice on wooden or neutral frame if gray or black-and-white – on color. Ornament from buttons will become original registration of your house or dacha and also – surprisingly effective gift.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team