How to make kitchen cozy and functional

How to make kitchen cozy and functional

Kitchen – the important place in each house. Here we carry out the most part of our life, "we refuel" vital energy, we carry on sincere talk behind cup of tea. Therefore the cosiness and comfort of all dwelling depends on interior of kitchen, its improvement. What situation for it to choose?

First of all, it is necessary to separate kitchen into zones even if it small on metric area. Two obligatory zones – table and working. Kitchen accessories are stored in work area, the hostess cooks food, washes the dishes. The dining room is allocated for acceptance of food, tea sit-round gathering.

The kitchen has to be equipped by all necessary and so that furniture and kitchen equipment not only did not interfere with each other, but also harmoniously fitted into the general interior. Now it is possible thanks to functional furniture sets together with the built-in equipment. At placement of kitchen sets and in general arrangement of kitchen adhere to the following recommendations.

1) The kitchen has to be executed in warm colors: well yellow, green, orange colors are suitable for finishing.

2) You should not be fond in kitchen of mixture of various styles - better that all objects harmoniously supplemented each other (curtains or curtains of one color with cloth or covers of furniture, hinged cabinets coincide on style with wall-paper or ceramic tile).

3) Well thought over lighting, 2-3 levels on height are desirable. Correctly picked up lighting will raise cosiness and comfort in each of zones of kitchen, and together with the general color tone of the room will raise appetite.

4) Convenient furniture for sitting. Better if it is soft corner or chairs, but not firm. Though simple rigid stools have to be present too.

5) Observance of the rule of "working triangle" - distance between the main significant objects (usually the fridge – sink – plate) should not be less than 1.5 meters.

6) The fridge and similar to it bulky objects have to stand in corner and not block pass by the open doors.

7) Kitchen cabinets and dressers have to be convenient, reliable and practical.

9) Floor and walls if necessary have to wash well.

10) For giving of home atmosphere it is desirable to have on kuna the decor objects suitable on sense for kitchen (picture, still life). Perfectly, if tableware and devices supplement each other and interior.

11) Provide the small place for storage of personal belongings, strangely enough it sounds. It can be couple of shelves on wall, separate dresser or cabinet of the small sizes. Sometimes in kitchen there is a wish to speak by phone while soup cooks, or to watch portable TV, to read news.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team