How to make ladle

How to make ladle

The ladle is piece of Old Russian favourite kitchen utensils. It represents wooden scoop with the carved handle. The ladle also intended for scooping of liquid from the big vessel. With arrival of the 19th century the need for wooden ware has disappeared: the industry began to release metal and faience. Therefore now ware from tree in the majority performs decorative function.


1. Choose tree from which you will cut out ladle. Bar has to be well dried up and have the necessary size.

2. Make three templates of ladle of cardboard: for top, side and edge.

3. Mark on bar contour of future face of ladle on the made template. Make draft to ladle face stump the axe.

4. Apply on bar contours of the top template and side template on both sides. Also make to bar stump the axe. Give to preparation of outline of ladle.

5. Process preparation by big round chisel from outer end, remove excess wood and create the handle.

6. Choose the internal volume of wood of ladle as semicircular chisels and to teslas. Work form of ladle and refine its walls - also by means of round chisel.

7. Purely process knife outer end of ladle, give to the handle and the product the necessary form, cut necessary parts of carved decoration of tail and head of ladle. Process inside face klyukarzy.

8. Grind ladle. At first process abrasive paper outer surface of product, then internal. Do not grind that part of surface on which you assume to make thread. Small particles of tree, getting between fibers, quickly rebate tools for thread.

9. Cut small chisels finishing pattern of thread. Cover ready ladle with protective layer of varnish or wax.

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