How to make lawn at the dacha

How to make lawn at the dacha

Lawn – element of landscaping which is capable to decorate, probably, any seasonal dacha. It is impossible to tell that the device of good lawn – business of five minutes, but the result is worth of the spent efforts.

It is required to you

  • - Raundap;
  • - sand;
  • - peat;
  • - complex mineral fertilizer;
  • - garden skating rink;
  • - mix of seeds of lawn herbs;
  • - lawn-mower.


1. First of all it will be required to choose the space for future lawn. It is desirable to allocate under it the lit site with hardly noticeable bias that on lawn water did not stand.

2. Destroy weeds on the site allocated under lawn. In order that to make it, usually recommend to use Raundap herbicide at the rate of five liters of medicine on hundred square meters. Remove from the soil of rhizome of long-term weeds.

3. In four weeks after use of herbicide it is possible to dig over the earth. If on your site clay soil, before redigging bring in the earth sand at the rate of ten kilograms of sand on square meter. On square meter of the sandy soil it is necessary to bring four kilograms of peat. Regardless of type of the soil bring twenty grams of complex mineral fertilizer on square meter of future lawn.

4. Arrange drainage hole. For this purpose dig out square hole with the party not less than forty five centimeters. Its depth has to be sixty centimeters. Fill hole with large stones. Thickness of layer of stones has to be forty centimeters. Over stones fill ten centimeters of sand and fertile soil. Stamp hole contents.

5. The prepared allotment is recommended to be sustained under the ferry within month. During this time on it weeds which you did not manage to exterminate will manage to arise. When it occurs, loosen the soil, remove the remained stones, rhizomes, break earth lumps.

6. The earth heavy garden skating rink also leave Prikatayte alone for few weeks. During this time soil can sink in some places, and somewhere ineradicable weeds will appear again.

7. In two weeks remove weeds, podsypta the soil in those places where she has sunk, to prikatayta it and water. On square meter of lawn it will be required to pour out not less than ten liters of water.

8. In a day slightly loosen the earth with rake and, at last, seed herbal blend at the rate of fifty grams of seeds on square meter of lawn. Herbs should be chosen, considering climatic features of the area and assignment of lawn. There are already ready mixes of lawn herbs. It is the best of all to sow grass in windless weather, previously having mixed seeds with equal amount of sand. After crops to prikatayta lawn garden skating rink, and water in the evening. For watering put on network hose and do not use strong pressure of water that on lawn gullies have not appeared.

9. In dry weather the lawn should be watered once a day. The first time grass is recommended to mow when it grows centimeters by fifteen. Truncate grass to six centimeters of height. If the lawn was sowed in the fall, it is better to postpone bevelling until spring when the grass grows by ten centimeters. The mowed grass should be removed from lawn.

10. In every spring if necessary interplant seeds of lawn herbs in those places where the lawn has been damaged.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team