How to make LED lamp

How to make LED lamp

Now in the market there are a lot of various LED lamps. They slowly begin to force out glow lamps. However LED lamps have high cost therefore can get them not everyone. If desired, such LED lamps it is possible to make with own hands.


1. For a start take out all unnecessary of halogen lamp. Take the screw-driver in hand and take out white putty. It is near lamp legs. This putty well crumbles when pressing by the screw-driver. Do it until white putty completely collapses. Be careful, halogen lamp quite brittle. It can be spoiled easily strong pressing the screw-driver.

2. Further it is necessary to beat out bulb from the reflector. After all putty is taken out, pick up the hammer. The bulb needs to be put on table legs up. Slightly hit with the hammer on legs. The blow has to be soft. The halogen lamp has to drop out on table. The reflector will remain empty. The white putty which has remained in lamp does not need to be deleted. It can be useful.

3. Then be engaged in production of aluminum disk on which LEDs will keep. The disk will also play reflector role. Correctly to cut disk, you need paper template. The template needs to be made independently. It is necessary to count it on LEDs with a diameter of 5 millimeters. Draw template and cut it on contour scissors. By means of glue record template on aluminum sheet. After that cut aluminum circle on template contour. By means of puncher make holes in this circle.

4. After that it is possible to start collecting LEDs together. For this purpose you need support. On it put disk. If you have not found support, then it is possible to use any piece of the pipe suitable on diameter. LEDs need to be inserted into holes of aluminum circle legs up. Try to establish them so that the cathode of one LED was near the anode of another. The fact is that so they will be simpler to be soldered. Between LEDs it is necessary to drip a little glue. Glue should not get on legs of LEDs. Otherwise, when soldering, glue will emit harmful smoke which is very harmful to mucous eye.

5. It was necessary only to solder legs. It is the best of all to do chains on 4 LEDs in everyone - means, we accustom to drinking consistently 4 LEDs, plus to minus.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team