How to make less nose by means of make-up

How to make less nose by means of make-up

to make less nose, it is necessary to resort to some cunnings of meyk-ap. Visually it is possible to correct big nose, using in various variations dark and light tone. Foundation - the most available and effective remedy for correction of nose. The main tone has to match skin color and two additional tones – one on half-tone are lighter and one on half-tone is more dark.


  1. Wide nose. Apply light tone on nose bridge and on nose back, wings of nose have to be more dark on half-tone.
  2. Long nose. Apply light tone on nose bridge, and darken tip of nose tone means on half-tone more darkly.
  3. Big nose. Apply foundation on half-tone more darkly than skin color of the person.
  4. Aquiline nose. To fix nose, having visually straightened small hump, parallel lines from two parties on half-tone more darkly than primary color of skin will help. The distance between lines influences nose back width - the closer, the nose will seem more thinly. Further the back of nose needs to be clarified on half-tone. It is important to remember that lines of borders between tones should not be evident, careful shading is necessary, but also here it is necessary to be careful since borders have to be slightly noticeable.
  5. Several general rules: The greasy luster on nose very strongly draws attention. Ordinary compact powder will help to fix problem. It is better to use it transparent since it will not close all efforts on visual correction of nose.
  6. Also to distract attention from nose, creating make-up, it is necessary to place emphasis on big eyes - then in proportsyakh persons there will be certain balance.
  7. Face proportions are broken if some parts have small shortcomings. If the upper lip thin, then nose seems is longer, than to mask nose, it is better to correct upper lip, having visually increased it by means of planimetric pencil and lip gloss. Lip gloss is visually added to lips by volume, and the pencil will help to give that form of lips which is pleasant, at the same time it is necessary to use only light shades.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team