How to make lodge tent of branches and packing film

How to make lodge tent of branches and packing film

Tent outdoors it is possible to make quite with own hands, using for this purpose some improvised materials. How to build lodge tent from branches and packing film on the earth and on tree?

Fans of outdoor activities outdoors become more and more every year. It is directly connected with very fast rhythm of life in city megalopolises. The person, having been tired of everyday life, tries to retire outdoors for calm and rest. In certain cases, for campaign to the forest there is no opportunity to take with themselves purchased tent. Then it is quite possible to make such construction of make-shifts independently.

What is required for production of tent or tent

First, some sharp object by means of which it will be possible to cut down necessary branches is required and to smooth out them. For this purpose the big knife or small marching hatchet will approach.

Secondly, it is necessary to take big roll of stretch film from the house. It is such stretching film which is applied to turning home of food and other goods in shops and supermarkets.

Well and at last, very strong twine by which it will be necessary to connect the cut-down branches is useful.

There will be quite enough such set of objects to construct good and strong tent outdoors that to take refuge in it from rain or to sleep well.

How to make lodge of film and branches

For a start it is necessary to choose the direct place for installation of lodge and to clear away it. Then to break or cut down branches, long more than 2 m. They have to have sufficient flexibility and to be very equal therefore it is better to prepare them from willow breeds of tree or hazel grove. Branches clean from leaves and display on perimeter of the prepared place.

Further mark the space for tent. It has to be round and have in the diameter a little more than 2 m, exceeding human height. It will allow to make then plank bed for dream or to spread out sleeping bag. Around stick the prepared branches, and bend their upper edge in the middle. The center of branch connects by twine. The small tent in the form of hemisphere turns out. For its fortress across bind additional branches.

Coiling of the turned-out design atop film in several layers will be the next stage of production of lodge. The winding is begun from below, gradually rising up and vice versa.

After the end of this action make opening for entrance and exit from lodge. It can be blocked branches with leaves that various flying insects inside did not get.

Inside it is possible to make good plank bed which will be able to replace bed or mattress of leaves and moss.

How to make lodge of film and branches on tree

The same design can be made not on the earth, and on tree. For this purpose choose adult and strong tree with good thick branches. At the same time it is better to do tent at small height, in order to avoid accident and getting injured.

From below at least two thick branches at distance not less than 1 m have to be located. Maybe it is more of them. And in upper part more than 1.5 m will enough be also one branch on the ball. At first make floor by means of large branches and solid material, for example plywood or boards. Then pass to production of walls. For this purpose branches tie to the lower knots and to one top on both sides of future lodge at distance of 20-30 cm from each other.

Further over branches attach food wrap in several layers. It will protect design from rain. At the last fabrication stage of tent on tree do door opening which can be covered with branches with leaves.

After production of similar construction it is possible to spend quietly time in nature, without being afraid for the life of day at night. The lodge tent from branches and stretch film will reliably protect from wild animals and unforeseen precipitation.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team