How to make lunch zone

How to make lunch zone

Here you treat guests, have supper in the evening all family, conduct slow conversations over a cup of tea. The lunch zone has to be warm and cozy to become your pride and subject of envy of acquaintances. Approach its organization with all the gravity and reason.

It is required to you

  • - furniture.


1. Sometimes there is no opportunity to allocate the place in the room for the dining room, and in kitchen free is only one corner. But this corner can be organized so comfortably and comfortably that you will stay behind tea cup in the whole evenings here. When you choose furniture, consider all sizes of free space that there was pass and the space for the removed chair. If on the one side of table you arrange angular sofa, look whether there is enough place between it and table for the person.

2. At more wide kitchen more thorough choice for furniture or the equipment will be smart. Count all options. It is possible to reduce quantity of lockers and to buy the multipurpose kitchen equipment of smaller gabaritnost, in this case the lunch zone will have the big place.

3. Here it will be possible to put folding table, in case of arrival of guests. The buffet with the ware which is effectively placed in it organically will fit into your table group.

4. It is important to choose for your comfort and the correct lighting for lunch zone. Sconces on walls if they are executed in uniform style with chandelier, will not prevent as additional luminous source at all. Very comfortably the small lamp in the center of round table looks. And even better the chandelier hanging directly over table looks. Choose for round table the lamp of round shape, and for square - square.

5. The distance from the lower element of chandelier to table has to be about 80 centimeters and it, naturally, should not prevent having dinner to see each other. Buy glow lamps warm shade.

6. Having the big area for the organization of lunch zone, pay much attention to decor and additional furniture. The living room kitchen the perfect place for small graceful buffet - it will not be necessary to run behind plates to kitchen lockers. Execute cloth and curtains in one style, it is possible to add pillows or covers on chairs. Narrow shelves under souvenirs and stylish pictures or posters will decorate and will recover interior.

7. The lunch zone in the big living room with fireplace is luxury and faultless taste. Furniture from natural wood, carved and with incrustation, draperies at high windows, fluffy carpet and heavy candlesticks. Everything is ideal! Add only fresh flowers in vases and fruit compositions in decorative dishes.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team