How to make make-up for conversation on Skype

How to make make-up for conversation on Skype

time to time any woman can have need of conversation on Skype. It can be just friendly conversation, and can - important interview. In such cases it is very important to look on all hundred.

It is required to you

  • - highlighter
  • - cream pink blush
  • - soft brown pencil for eyes
  • - ink for volume
  • - any lipstick, except opaque


  1. Apply highlighter on cheekbones and nose bridge. Be attentive, you do not pereboshchit with means. Will be to watch with optimal solution couple of video on the Internet about that, how exactly to impose highlighter at your face type. Put cream blush on apples of cheeks and well shade. Dry blush will not approach as they if you badly shade, will unnaturally look.
  2. Bring lower eyelid soft pencil. Use brown shade that your eyes did not look aggressively. Also you can experiment with colored pencils. Define yours tsvetotip (winter, spring, fall or summer) and on the basis of recommendations try to choose unusual color, for example, emerald or deep violet.
  3. Make up eyelashes ink in three layers. It is important to allow to dry out to each of ink layers, otherwise your eyelashes can stick together. Do not make up the lower eyelashes, otherwise your eyes can look small, and ink will look as spread.
  4. Use cream lipstick or lip gloss. Give preference to color of fuchsia or nyudovy shades. Do not use opaque lipstick, it will not give to your lips of charming seducement during the conversation. Stop on glossy coverings.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team