How to make make-up without ink

How to make make-up without ink

a number of reasons sometimes it is necessary to refuse use of ink in make-up. It can be connected with allergic reactions, weakening of eyelashes or desire to execute more natural make-up.

It is required to you

  • - shadows;
  • - pencil;
  • - liquid eyeliner;
  • - applicators and brushes.


  1. Before making make-up without ink, give to the face natural shade. By means of foundation or mousse hide roughnesses of skin. If necessary use the proofreader.
  2. Set by powder tone of the person. Use game of different shades of powder for creation of ideal image. Emphasize cheekbones by means of natural blush without gloss.
  3. Execute make-up of eyes with use of gray shades of shadows. And on internal corner of eye apply light gray nacreous shadows on mobile eyelid. Emphasize the line of growth of eyelashes at external corner with dark gray opaque shadows. Draw line on eyelashes along lower eyelid shadows of dark shade.
  4. At make-up with use of gray shadows emphasize eyebrows with pencil in tone of hair if you the brunette or the brown-haired woman. Make light eyebrows expressive by means of light brown shadows. Make up lips lipstick of corporal color.
  5. Make eyes expressive by means of flickering emerald shadows. The applicator draw accurate lines along upper and lower eyelashes. Make up lips bright red lipstick.
  6. Use sharp pencil of black or brown color to make make-up without ink. Draw line on upper eyelid, tracing intervals between eyelashes. Shade pencil the applicator.
  7. Black pencil draw line in lower eyelid, over eyelashes. Strongly blink that there was trace on upper eyelid from the inside. Apply brown opaque shadows on upper mobile eyelid. Make up lips lipstick of saturated color.
  8. Bring upper eyelid along the line of growth of eyelashes liquid eyeliner of black color. Accurately draw expressive arrows. Make up lips gloss or brilliant pink lipstick.
  9. Every day to expedite make-up without ink, make interciliary permanent make-up in salon. Or once a month paint eyelashes special paint. Strengthen eyelashes castor or almond oil and soon your look will become attractive without ink.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team