How to make massage tile

How to make massage tile

In winter time and at the beginning of spring, skin loses moisture, is shelled and bursts therefore she requires additional care. To help skin cope with these problems massage tiles can. Having made with them with own hands, as a result you receive the excellent natural product which is perfectly replacing the normal body cream and hand cream and also which is perfectly moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

It is required to you

  • For production of one massage tile it is required to you:
  • - 100 g of beeswax;
  • - 350 g of shea butter;
  • - 5 ml of aromatic oil on your taste (rose attar, ylang-ylang, orange, oil of dogrose or tea tree, etc.).


1. Prepare all necessary ingredients, having weighed them and having decomposed in different tanks. Then kindle beeswax on slow fire and add to it shea butter. When beeswax and shea butter completely are dissolved, remove pan and leave it to be cooled for 3-4 minutes. After that add essential oils and carefully stir the turned-out mix.

2. Accurately pour mix in form and leave it at several o'clock to be cooled at the room temperature, and then put form with tile in the fridge. Next day you will be able easily and without problems to get tile from form. The turned-out tile can be stored in the fridge or in the cool place.

3. How to use massage tile: in the beginning take warm shower (without use of detersives), then slightly warm tile in hand and start massage. Mass body within several minutes. After the end of procedure of massage blot with towel surplus of oil or wash away them under shower. Everything, it is possible to enjoy the cleaned, moisturized velvety skin.

4. Massage tiles are useful also that part of oils remains thin layer on skin therefore their useful effect proceeds and after you left shower. You can take such tiles on fitness classes, having put one or two tiles in soap tray. And that the tile did not take a lot of place in your sports bag, it is possible to make it the small size on 1 application.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team