How to make mattress

How to make mattress

Self-made mattress – the fine decision for giving. Not each summer resident is able to afford to buy expensive mattresses for rest in garden lodge during week-end. Besides, guests – relatives, friends are frequent at dachas. How on all to stock up with convenient and inexpensive mattresses? Having spent for materials for this product, it is possible to sew it.

It is required to you

  • Fabric, foam rubber, hay.


1. The soft mattress becomes easily. Pieces of foam rubber 15-20 centimeters thick will be necessary for its production. It is possible to choose one continuous piece of foam rubber, but it is possible to make also compound mattress. In the latter case length of each piece will be equal to about 60-70 centimeters. Then in general length of mattress will be equal to the average growth of the person with place stock for pillow.

2. Each piece of foam rubber is sheathed by fabric (for example, tapestry). A lot of things will depend on fabric. It is the most successful cellular materials on which the sheet, fabrics which are easy for washing will not move down. If in the house there is cat, it is necessary to consider that on some types of fabric it is easy to make catches.

3. If the mattress is made of three parts, they need to be connected among themselves to the help of pieces of fabric so that in need of them it was possible to put "accordion", in padded stool. Such option of mattress is convenient that it can be put before arrival of guests.

4. On such mattress it is possible to sleep both on bed, and on floor, and on folding bed. And if the mattress needs to be put, it is possible to sew beautiful cover and to decorate it with embroidery, color appliques or to make in style of rags.

5. Self-made mattress from foam rubber – especially widespread option for country self-made beds. But except foam at dachas there are also other experimental products. In particular, the mattress from hay is popular. It is considered that on it the sleep will be sound and healthy.

6. That there has lasted mattress from hay for the whole year, it is necessary to dry carefully "stuffing" for it. Recommend to add the dried-up sedge to hay, it prevents to take off grass dust through mattress surface. Also it is necessary to add the dried-up curative herbs to hay. The St. John's wort enjoys special popularity.

7. For aroma it is possible to add mint, melissa, leaves of currant, linden and wild strawberry and other dried-up herbs to mattress.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team