How to make metal door

How to make metal door

Purchase of metal door is not always justified. If you own skills of work with metal, are able to handle the welding machine and the grinder, then can quite make door by own efforts and according to the tastes.

It is required to you

  • Sheet metal plate, metal pipes, grinder (Bulgarian), welding machine, clamps, box lock, paint, brush


1. Make measurements of door opening. Take the sizes of future door from brick or the wall block, but not on plaster. Measure height and width of future door and reduce the sizes by 20 mm to create technology gap.

2. Make door box by the taken measurements. For this purpose take metal profile pipe with a diameter of 25-50 mm. Cut off the grinder (Bulgarian) two pieces of pipe by the door height size. Two pieces which will go on door width make less than width on two sizes of tube thickness.

3. On plain surface place the cut pieces of pipes. Lay out box corners, having checked diagonals. Fasten preparations with clamps that has not led them aside when welding.

4. By means of welding take parts in different places, then invert box and weld front part. Boil short seams with front and rear side of box, without touching other planes, otherwise seams will disturb at further assembly.

5. Now make frame of mobile part of door cloth. From profile pipe cut off two pieces by the internal dimension of box. Prepare four pieces on box width. Take pieces of pipe welding and then completely weld.

6. Take metal sheet 2 mm thick. Lay it on plain surface and note the necessary sizes (from outer dimensions of box take away 20 mm). By means of metal ruler and the tap note the line of the machine cut and the Bulgarian cut off leaf on marking.

7. Level the cut-off leaf on box and weld on it in four places. Invert leaf and weld frame on all perimeter.

8. Weld canopies on door; their size has to be equal on thickness to 20-25 mm. Weld upper part of canopy on leaf, lower – on box. Weld canopies one equal seam.

9. Cut the lock in mobile part of your metal door. Thickness of the cut part of the lock should not exceed 20 mm. Lay door cloth face up on the bench. From the lower part of cloth measure 900 mm. Note chalk the place for the lock and make cut from door face. Insert the lock into cut and note the place where there will be cut for lock larva. Close box with the lock from above the sheet of iron that the handle leaned on rigid base from metal, but was not groundless.

10. Remove scale from the places processed by welding level seams. Remove with solvent lubricant and pollution from all surfaces of door. Cover door surface with primer, and after its drying put coat of paint. You dry door in horizontal position that drips were not formed.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team