How to make minor repair in the apartment

How to make minor repair in the apartment

Sometimes there is a strong wish to change something in the bored interior – to re-stick wall-paper, to hang up picture or new chandelier, to replace carpet on floor and curtains. If to start major repair there is neither special desire, nor money, nor time, then it is possible to refresh with own forces the apartment, having made in it minor repair.


1. As a rule, first of all there is desire to update wall-paper, and for a start it is necessary to get rid of old. If paper wall covering, with their removal there are no problems, and here if they vinyl, it will be to make not so and simply – on wall there will be paper substrate. To remove it from walls, it is necessary to moisten it with spray, to allow water to be absorbed, and after to remove the palette. On the cleaned walls it is the best of all to glue now flizelinovy wall-paper which width is 1 meter. You and their pokleita quicker at the expense of such size and process is significantly easier: it is enough to apply glue only on walls.

2. If in your bathroom from walls the tile has begun to fall off, and it is impossible to make expensive repair, do not despair. Buy liquid nails, tiled glue or even the PVA normal glue. Cover with primer layer the place where the tile has lagged behind, let's dry out. Clean tile from residues of solution, and then paste it according to the instruction. In a day fill seams between tiles special moisture resistant finish. If the tile has broken up, and there is no opportunity to get same, the formed emptiness in wall can be filled with normal or decorative plaster with its further coloring.

3. If to put the bathroom in order, then why not to replace old bowl of bathtub with the cracked or broken enamel? To often take out pig-iron bathtub, without having broken at the same time wall, happens it is just impossible. But exit is – just make several cuts on bathtub sides the Bulgarian, and then break sledge hammer and take out it in parts. Cast iron – rather fragile metal and with dismantling at you will not arise any problems.

4. To update exterior of the hall, sometimes it is enough to replace old doors with new. At the same time it is not obligatory to change door cases at all: just order door cloth of the necessary size, remove old door from loops and hang up new.

5. If your linoleum has torn, and to replace all cloth there is no opportunity, take the following advice: cover gap with integral piece of the corresponding size, correct the drawing that it coincided, and then sharp knife accurately cut square through both layers with the place of gap. Put patch in the formed opening and stick together it cold welding with the basis.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team