How to make multiple copies dragon tree in house conditions

How to make multiple copies dragon tree in house conditions

The dragon tree though is not really whimsical plant, but blossoms in house conditions rather seldom. Over time she grows old and there comes the period when replacement is necessary for dragon tree. You should not throw out old flower, and it is possible to try to receive from it new plant.

Make multiple copies dragon tree not only when it begins to grow old. It can occur after acquisition of beautiful plant of rare species or if desired give gift to the girlfriend or the relative.

It is possible to multiply dragon tree in several ways: top shanks, air layers and pieces of stalk.

Main types of reproduction of dragon tree

1.      At reproduction by top shanks cut off upper part of old plant and implant it in sand mix with peat. For the best rooting use special phytohormones. And also apply the lower heating of substrate. Besides normal way of rooting of top shank of dragon tree it is possible to use following. The cut-off top is placed in bank with water and add a little wood charcoal and ½ tsps of honey there. Capacity is covered with package or food wrap. In three-four months the plant has to have roots and it is replaced to the constant place in pot.

2.      It is better to carry out reproduction by air layers of dragon tree at the end of spring or the beginning of summer. For this purpose on the main stalk in 30 cm delete all leaves from top. Then on it do by sharp knife ring cut no more than 1 cm wide. It is processed weak solution of any growth factor and wound with damp moss. Further this part of stalk is closed dark film for protection against light penetration. The ends of film pull together with dense elastic band above and below cut. In few weeks in the place of cut, roots are formed. The upper part of plant is cut off and replaced in new pot.

3.      Reproduction by pieces of stalk is used when it is necessary to receive several new plants at once. At this way the main escape is cut on several pieces 6 - 7 cm long. The dried stem shanks densely plant in damp sand. Landings cover with packages or film. After a while on shanks the new oblistvenny escape grows from side kidney. During this way of reproduction of dragon tree it is necessary to observe positive indoor temperature of +25 degrees.

Any of the listed options of reproduction of dragon tree will allow to receive new plant in house conditions if to observe all necessary requirements.

Author: «MirrorInfo» Dream Team